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Work with us

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Thank you for considering working with us! We are open to lots of ideas and would love to hear from you. Below are just some of the ways we can work together.

If any of these ideas interest you, or you want to find out more, please email us here.


Do you need a passionate and recognised cake artist for your event or product launch? Sharon can work with you to create demos tailor-made for your event and ensures that she will share with your audience a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Would you like to host Sharon to teach some live classes? Sharon has a wide range of skills and available class options for you to choose from.

She has extensive experience travelling, teaching internationally, and handling a diverse range of age groups, ethnicities, and class sizes. To date Sharon has taught in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Qatar. Due to demand, please understand that Sharon is frequently booked out more than 6 months in advance.

Product Endorsement

Sharon will only endorse products she fully believes in and has personally tried. She will also only take on one product type and will not endorse or advertise competing products. Therefore, she is selective with what she chooses to endorse. Endorsement can include but is not limited to social media mentions, special tutorials using your product, newsletter features, and blog posts.

Private Consultations

Sharon has built her company from the ground up starting in a tiny little apartment specialising in wedding cakes. She now teaches internationally, has her own range of products, online and video tutorials, self-published books, a blog, and YouTube channel. She has also built a solid social media following and still continues to do it from home (although she has since moved from the tiny space!). To date, she has won multiple awards, been featured in international magazines and blogs, and on TV and radio.

Sharon has a degree in media, communications, and marketing. She has a wealth of knowledge on marketing, online opportunities, self publishing, and growing your database.

Exclusive Content

Do you need some content for your magazine, blog, newspaper or book? Sharon can work with you to provide content (articles or tutorials) tailored for your audience and we can offer varying levels of exclusivity. Contact us to find out more.


Do you have something you want to share with a huge cake audience? Maybe it's a tutorial, a recipe, or an article you have written. Sharon occasionally features content from guest publishers on her blog and is also willing to pay for quality exclusive content.

We also stock external tutorials in our online store that we love and this is a great option to get your tutorial and brand out there to a whole new audience. To find out more about how we can work together on this, please email us and pitch us your ideas or show us the tutorial you want stocked.


Do you have an established cake school and wish to teach Sharon's basic classes and techniques? Sharon will provide the course syllabus, training, advertising support, course notes, certification, and ongoing support.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for this opportunity and will be selective on who we decide to work with to ensure we can keep the high quality and experience we are known for. To register your interest, please email us telling us a little about your school.