When Deliveries Get Weird

Last week was my one of my busiest cake weeks but the cake below had the funniest delivery story of them all.



I have delivered quite a few wedding cakes to hotels and venues over the years but almost having the cake delivered to the bride and groom’s hotel room has got to be a first.



The lovely bride did warn me a couple of weeks ago that this particular hotel was pretty disorganised… When we pulled up to the lobby, just a couple of hours before the wedding they told me the room was not yet ready. I did think it was odd considering that this was a pretty big wedding. But then after more waiting and phone calls the supervisor came out and told me that the room was not yet ready but I could go in to set up the cake. However, the concierge will be escorting me up and staying with me the whole time and would have to escort me back out. At this point I thought they were being a little tight on security… oh well…
Then as we got off on the 12th floor and as the concierge was helping me trolley this 5 tier cake down the narrow hotel halls, it finally hit me that we were not going in the right direction. It turns out the concierge had been given instructions to bring me and the cake to the bride and groom’s hotel room…. and they wanted me to set up the cake there. Who in their right mind would think that this 5 tier wedding cake should be set up in a hotel room? I could not stop giggling about this because all I could think about was the bride and groom walking into their room to find the cake set up on their table.
Eventually after another phone call we were directed back to the proper function room where everything was already set up, the cake fitted right in and the wedding co-ordinator was switched on. All in all, it was a pretty funny ending to a stressful week!

8 thoughts on “When Deliveries Get Weird

  1. That is a AWE-MAZING cake! I am a recent fan of your work! I wish you could come and move here to California where I am. That way I can come do some of your workshops! I do cakes myself, and find that it may be hard to put prices on cakes, but I think I am getting it down. LOL

  2. Thank you everyone… the cake was so blingy it just sparkled from every angle!

    Tresye – Pricing is one of the hardest parts when it comes to selling cakes 🙁 it does get a little easier though! and if you are ever in Sydney feel free to come and visit 🙂

    Jessy – I have a few stories but none as weird as this one 🙂

    Thank you Wendy and Rose!

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