What happens after the plunge?


In the last few months I have made a lifestyle changing decision. Those of you who know me or who have been following my blog will know that for the last 5 years or so, I was a marketing professional. However, recently I made the decision to resign from my job at a multi-national company to focus on my real passion – Sugar art.



Cake decorating started out as a hobby for me and I never expected for it to turn into a business. But now here I am, taking the plunge to focus on my business full time. I thought making the decision to hand in my resignation was hard and that it’ll be great once I can have more free time to myself and actually start decorating my cakes during the day instead of during the wee hours of the night.



So what happens after the plunge? The first couple of weeks were weird – I didn’t have a set routine or anyone to report to 🙂 But it also does seem that I am now working much longer hours then I ever did at work! Have I just lost my time management skills or do I really have more to do now that I can focus all my time on my sugar art?



 I’m teaching how to create this cake next year atCouture Cake Classes 🙂
It constantly feels like I have a million ideas and thoughts racing through my head all the time and it’s hard deciding where to start! Mostly the hardest thing I have to face now is knowing when to stop. Would you believe that yesterday after answering emails,  baking cookies all day and ganaching 7 cakes in a row, I still felt guilty about sitting and relaxing. I always feel like there is always more to do!
I’m probably still very excited about this new adventure and hopefully I’ll find a balance sometime soon 🙂



4 thoughts on “What happens after the plunge?

  1. It’s a very courageous decision to make.

    Starting up as I’m currently experiencing first-hand is the most difficult, financially unstable, that can be full of self doubt & constant temptation of stopping before you reach that treaded dead-end knowing life can be easier but less satisfying if you make a quick U-turn now!.

    I’m one of your silent supporters who have been following your progress & you just get bigger & better.

    I take comfort in knowing there are entrepreneurs like you who are truely inspirational!

  2. Congratulations – have been following your blog for a while now and marvelling at all your beautiful work.

    Always fabulous to have another talented person in the industry – welcome! The cake industry is fun and fabulous (but lots of work, so try to remember to have fun.:) )

    …and you need to change your blog header since it says “full time professional”… 🙂


  3. Anonymous – I know what you mean by the tempting u-turn! In my down moments I still find myself going through job ads wondering if I should head back into the corporate world. But thank goodness with the support my friends, family and blog readers, I quickly snap out of it! Best of luck with Sweet Petite Treats, your macarons look awesome 😀

    Emzeegee – Thank you! I will try to have as much fun as I can without feeling too guilty 🙂 And yes, the blog header is on my long list of things to do 😉 It’ll happen soon I hope!

    Bel – Thank you! I hope you do get a chance to attend the classes next year. 3D cakes are so much fun!

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