Wedding Cake Deliveries

Do you know what is the scariest, most stressful and nerve wrecking part of being a cake decorator?
Why is it that when I have a cake in my car there seems to be road bumps everywhere and reckless drivers all around me? Building a structurally stable cake is so important. If the tiers are not supported correctly or stacked well, the hours of work and love that goes into my creation will be gone in a matter of seconds. 



That’s why I get so stressed before and during deliveries. Once the cake leaves my studio it faces a world where things are out of my control. All it takes is a pot hole or a careless driver to slam their brakes in front of me for my creation to get hurt. If a minor boo boo happens it’s not so bad and can easily be fixed, but if a major boo boo occurs, that’s it. Usually at about 3 – 4 hours before the wedding reception, there is no chance fixing it really.
Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to two or three tier cake deliveries. They no longer give me the stress they used to. But big cakes… ones that tower over me as I work on them seriously still make my heart skip a beat whenever I go over a bump on the road. The cake always appears to be swaying in the back and with every bump if there are sugar flowers on the cake, they always seem to be rattling against each other extra hard.



At every traffic light, I always turn around to check on them and silently beg the cake gods to help me make it there safely. Last week there were two big cakes to deliver. Both on the same day and due around the same time. So you can only imagine what it was like – everything was doubled!



And to add to that, when I got to one of the venues not only did the florist show up with less fresh flowers than required, she also proceeded to arrange her flowers (which were wet!) onto my cake in her own way… oh boy. I think that is a story for another day 😛 Luckily with some quick thinking I managed to make minor some design adjustments. I still felt really uneasy until the bride texted me the next day saying she loved it… phew!



 Design inspired by Delectable by Su
So after that stressful afternoon, we at least got to stop by Burnt Orange for some yummy late afternoon tea and sweets.







Caught this cute little guy running across the car park too 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Deliveries

  1. No wonder you have anxiety attacks – these cakes are incredible (and huge!) Congratulations for making it to both receptions on time and intact! 😀

  2. OMG they are huge! I can see a little crack on the first cake pic. I noticed your figurines look different too this time. Congrats for a (still) safety delivery. They are gorgeous! Especially the pleats, so neat 😉

  3. I knowwww how tough it is to deliver cakes! My standard policy is that I dont deliver but it can be arranged at an additional fee. This decision was based on a really bad cake delivery experience.

    I had to deliver a cake to a one yr olds bday party, The client who ordered didn’t call me until 1130 am to ask where I was and why the cake hadn’t yet been delivered. Bear in midn, she had not shared the venue information up un til this point. Anyway I made my way to the venue which was quite some distance from where I lived so I already knew I would be late.

    And a cake decorators worst nightmare – I encountered a dirt road! A dusty bumpy rocky diort road! The edible image that was on the side of the cake cracked and there was NO way for me to fix it 🙁

    She was very unhappy..which made me unhappy hence my new terms and conditions haha

    Well done on getting these fabulous cakes to the venues in one piece!!!

    PS: How many hours before the event starts do u deliver??

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