Time = Very Precious

As I sit here at 2.55am in the morning furiously typing away at email replies, I’m left wondering how a little careless thought like ‘I’ll just answer a few emails’ turned into an hour long event. I’m beginning to wonder where all my time has gone! 

Last week I was teaching in Singapore and ran a range of public and private classes for 8 days straight. I enjoyed meeting all the returning students and new students and a lot of them commented on the post I had previously written on this blog about knowing your ‘real’ cost. If you were interested in that, then you will find this post interesting too.

 Photo from Bake King

A few students asked what I do every day after class and it is usually pretty standard… meet up with my mum either at the shopping centre, do some shopping (I’d like to have a little holiday after all 🙂 ) and grab some dinner. Then go home open my lap top and brace myself for the emails that await my reply. I swear they seem to just multiply like rabbits when I am not looking! After all, as I have mentioned before, when you work for yourself work does not just stop when you go on holidays.

In this new age world of emails, smart phones, SMS, twitter, facebook and many other communicating channels we are starting to really forget how to organise our thoughts and have a real life conversation (and I admit I am guilty of that too!).

I am terrible at time managing myself when it comes to emails and the internet. I am easily distracted and before I know it I have spent hours in front of the computer and not making any actual cakes. The more time you spend on replying to emails the less profit you are making on each of your cakes. 

 Photo from Bake King
So lets take for example if you have 15 emails in the morning which you take 5 minutes to respond to each… that is a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Then after lunch  10 people come back to you with additional questions. At 5 minutes each that is another 50 minutes. See the pattern? One of the biggest issues when I started working for myself is the concept of time management and what is realistic and expected of me by my clients.

So let me ask you… where does all your time go?

5 thoughts on “Time = Very Precious

  1. Hi Sharon, just dropping by to say hello.. and just want to say u’re an inspiration!! loved your blog.. im reading backwards now.. hehe.. and loveddd loveddd all ur cakes.. simplicity but soo elegant!

    my name is Leni and im into cake decorating too.. and still doing its as hobby! do drop in to see my blog if you have the time..


    cheers and keep up the goodwork!!

  2. A lot of my time is spent browsing the internet for inspiration. I work full time as well as running my business on the side. every chance I get to be in front of a computer screen is bliss….but it can get a bit much at times because I ahev sooo many ideas but havent actually placed any of them on actual cakes!!

    Time is freaking precious. Trying to run a business, work, study and have a social life is demanding! thank goodness i dont have any kids! :)(not yet anyway)

  3. … you are right… i spent most of my time in front of computers too…

    btw it is always enjoyable to read your blog, to see what you have been up to 🙂

  4. that’s right! It also happens to me…when I sit in front of the PC I lost a lot of time. The best part is when you use this time for inspiration ideas 🙂
    I love your blog and your work!

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