The Year of the Rabbit – Little Bunny Topper Tutorial

I know I have not done one of my tutorials in awhile but this year I promise to be better and to do them more frequently!
With Chinese New Year around the corner, I thought this little bunny would be a good addition to any celebration. Make many to put on top of cupcakes (if you are adventurous) or just make one to feature on a cake 🙂



What you’ll need:
– White fondant icing/ Ready to Roll icing
– paint brush and a cup of water
– pink flower dust (optional)
– green fondant icing
– orange fondant icing
– frilling tool
– hook modeling tool – for the mouth areas (not sure if that’s what it’s officially called)
– Pasta sticks
– Sharp knife
– Black edible food marker (optional – black food colouring with a brush will give you the same result)
Roll out 2 basic egg shapes with your hand. A larger one for the body and one about 50% smaller for the head.



Gently hold the head in your hands and using the hook modeling tool, gently mark the nose and mouth areas.





Break off a piece of pasta stick and insert it into the body.



Roll out a long teardrop shaped icing for the bunny’s ears. Be careful not to do it too long or too thin as it will have trouble staying up.



Using the frilling tool, gently press down to make an indent. Then gently insert a pasta stick inside (for support)





Mark a hole in the head with another pasta stick and then gently insert the ears. Add a tiny bit of water to stick them together.



Roll out 2 fat tear drop shapes for the bunny’s feet and 2 smaller ones for his hands. Use
the knife to mark the lines.



Roll out a little ball of orange icing and mark some indents with the frilling tool. Make a tiny teardrop shape out of green icing for the leaf and stick it on the orange with a tiny bit of water. Add a pasta stick to the side of the orange (this is to make sure it stays attached to the bunny).





Attach all the pieces together with some water. Make sure the feet sit right underneath the body.



Brush a small amount of pink flower dust on to the bunny’s ears and nose and then add the eyes with an edible food marker. And TA DA…. Happy Chinese New Year everyone 🙂


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  1. I made this rabbit for my sisters birthday , came out really well (ours was a bit fatter:) thank you !!! Imogen (age 11) x

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