The World of Wafers – Craftsy Review

Who would have thought that a combination of potato starch, vegetable oil and water could result in something extraordinary? You must be asking yourself “what on earth is she rambling on about”? Well I am talking about thin sheets of this stuff.

Wafer paper

Wafer paper

The phenomenon currently trending across the cake decorating industry- wafer paper (if you haven’t heard of it listen up I’m about to blow your mind).

Wafer paperNot long ago I noticed the Craftsy platform had uploaded a new course titled Delicate Wafer Paper Cakes by Stevi Auble.

Instantly intrigued, I googled images of wafer paper cakes and the results were stunning. I was captivated by quite a few of the cakes including a range of wafer creations by Zahari!

Zahari Cakes
By Zahari Cakes
Zahari Cakes
By Zahari Cakes

So of course I went back and signed up for the course straight away and since then I haven’t looked back.

In this class Stevi demonstrates the simplicity of using delicately thin sheets of wafer paper to create chic edgy cakes.

Zahari Poppy Cake
Poppy Cake by Zahari Cakes

Throughout the course you will learn how to take wafer paper, add a splash of colour and transform it into an array of flowers and foliage by meticulously manipulating them. It’s truly amazing how fragile yet flexible this medium can be.

Colouring Wafer Paper

Cutting a spiral

Wafer Paper Rose

It will be spring all year round when you learn how to construct a wafer paper Ranunculus, Peony and two types of Roses using different techniques.

Wafer Paper Petals

You will also learn how to create depth on your cakes using methods such as decoupage and cut outs.

Decoupage by Stevi Auble
Decoupage and rose using wafer paper by Stevi Auble

Delicate Wafer Paper Cakes is definitely a course every cake decorator should enrol in! Not only is it easy and eye catching unlike fondant and gumpaste- there is no drying time. Simply cut your wafer paper, assemble your project and attach it to your cake. When time is of the essence this technique could be priceless to your business!

Butterfly cutouts

Butterfly up close

It’s mind boggling the variety of effects you can achieve on your cakes using this otherwise bland looking product. It’s fantastic that Stevi is always on hand to answer any questions about the class. Furthermore I have the support from my fellow students located around the globe who are also enjoying the world of wafer.

Wafer paper flowers

Sharing projects on the interactive platform is a way to inspire each other, the gallery is full of incredible masterpieces by students. Here’s one I recently shared not bad for a novice huh- well I had a great teacher- thanks Stevi!

Finished wafer cake
The finished product!

So what are you waiting for? Get your wafer paper on and start creating some show stopping pieces! Enrol now by clicking the below image for a 25% off discount.

Delicate Wafer Cakes
Click for a 25% off discount

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