The Unseen Support Structures

You know when most people see a big, tall, beautiful wedding cake they just look at it in awe and admire how beautiful it is? They rarely are thinking about the support dowels, the centre pole or the boards below each tier that are essentially enabling this tall, beautiful cake to stay that way.

I believe its the same for successful people. Of course they look wonderfully organised and put together on the outside, but what is initially unclear is the amount of support they have within their life. This can range from the best friend who will help them pick up their kids at the last minute, the partner who will help load the dishwasher, the mum who would come over once in a while to help with the laundry to the online friends who provide a cyber shoulder to cry on when poo hits the fan.

It is so important to surround yourself with a good support network and never underestimate the effect your support (actions or words) can have on another person. When I hear stories of families or friends not supporting what their loved ones do, it makes me sad. Of course everyone needs a dose of reality now and then (picture those who show up on American Idol who obviously have trouble hitting the notes but stand there stubbornly claiming that their family just thinks they are amazing.) but I think providing criticism to be helpful compared to just tearing the other person down is a fine line. I think sometimes when we get too comfortable with people, we may tend to just focus on the negatives instead of celebrating the positives.

One of the sweetest moments I have witnessed was last year when I was with one of my students. She was just having a chat to me about all the things she still had left to do that night after our dinner when her husband just turned to her and said ‘is there anything I can help with, to make it easier honey?’ Now I am sure he did not do it for my benefit and that he actually meant it. She did say no that she was sure she could manage. But I can tell you that I am 100% sure she was grateful for the offer.

Earlier this year when I attended an event, the organiser’s parents came along with her and were there with all of us carrying and arranging stock and tools. At the end when we were all rushing off to the airport, they happily sent us off, while packing up the stock and staying back at the venue to ensure everything was all sorted. They took part in the activities and spent so much time getting to know all the attendees too. It was no easy task to arrange an event so big, and I am sure the parents were very much a part of why it ran so seamlessly.

So I think we should take time once in awhile to remember to support each other and also to recognise and say thank you to those who support us. Because no one ever does it alone. No One. Despite what it may look like on the outside, we all have our own form of internal support. Please don’t think you have to do it all. Feel free to use the below comments link to publicly thank your internal supports, lets give them a little recognition 🙂

On an additional note, I’ve had a few people ask me if they can still sign up for the Business of Baking on Tour and the answer is of course you can. We will be in Newcastle this weekend and Brisbane next weekend. Come along for two fun and information filled days where Michelle and I discuss with you about the ins and outs of running a cake decorating/baking business.

6 thoughts on “The Unseen Support Structures

  1. Thanks for this article – good reading. Do you know that in South Africa (wonder if the brides are just very cheap – sorry) a three tier cake goes for (if you’re lucky) R2 000.00 that is much less than US$200.00. People boast that a 4 tier cake can cost up to R4 000.00 (around US$380.00). So what with the hours taken in getting a perfect ganache and everything else, I’m just wondering if it’s worth taken it on. I’ve done 3 years of learning (am a cordon bleu chef) the cake biz and now that I can make somethng spectacular mmm – i have to wonder. Thanks again.

  2. I know it’s hard in an area where cake decorating is still so new, but in a way it’s good because you also get to set the standard for your local industry so don’t give up! 🙂

  3. Hi there i need to make a wedding cake in july the client want flowers between the tiers , he ordered them through amazon but thy r without wires, how i m suppose to add them ?

    1. Hi Ayesha, sorry for the delay we missed this one! I don’t think you can really add the wires. It would have been best to tell the client before he bought them, if you did maybe you can ask him to get some more but if he’s not willing to help then I think the best you could do is use some royal icing to glue them on. It may be difficult depending on their size if they must be on the edge but if they are sitting on a flat surface it will work. Good luck! I hope it all works out.

  4. Hi Sharon do u conduct classes with accommodation in Australia .i would like to enhance my skills more.i am from spore

    1. Hi Jaya, we don’t provide accommodation but you can definitely stay in the area since we are near the airport there are many hotels. It’s too far to walk but depending on availability you can check and we may be able to give you transport on the day of the classes. But do keep other plans in mind in case we are not free 🙂

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