The ONE thing you must do when creating 3D structural cakes

When I first started creating 3D and structural cakes, I used to just guess as I created each project because I didn’t know any better and had really bad time management skills. I used to start at the last minute and was under so much pressure to finish on time that I would just ‘wing it’.

Can I tell you that it just made the whole process so stressful, my cakes turned out disproportionate and I used to be so exhausted by the end of each sculpted cake. So why did I keep going back and making more? Well, I love the idea of a sculpted cake and I love surprising people with something that they can’t imagine could be cake – it’s just so cool! So, I continued on my bumbling journey.

Because of my poor planning, I found myself in situations where I either had too much or too little cake. There was one time I realised half way through I didn’t bake enough cake so I had to stay up until 2am to bake some more. Or the time after that when I was so paranoid I would not have enough that I baked too much and ended up throwing so much away.

Then one day after deciding I could not continue to work like that anymore, I took a class with an international teacher and one of the most important things he taught me (that I now use for every 3D cake I do) is to PLAN.

Never underestimate the importance of planning…

I learned how to enlarge and create life sized templates and how to use that as a basis for planning, measuring out the structure and carving the cake. It was so simple yet it was something I NEVER thought to do. It was essentially like creating a big blueprint for my project.

Once I learnt that technique, everything was so much easier. I knew how to analyze what type of materials to use, how big my structure needed to be (including the exact dimensions), which exact cakes sizes I needed and how big the finished cake was going to be. AND the skill is something I continue to use for every single project.

The initial planning of the cake layout. I used styrofoam to work out how everything will be sitting with each other and if the overall shape and size is good.

Sometimes planning out the template, structure and cakes can take up to a day if it’s a complex project, but the amount of time and stress it saves me while creating the cake is well worth it. Over the last 10 years I’ve adapted this technique onto so many structural and carved cake projects – my cakes are no longer disproportionate and are super secure.

I know it’s cliché but it’s true – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

This planning technique is now something I teach all my students who attend my online or in person classes. I don’t want you to just walk away with the knowledge of creating one type of project, rather I want to show you HOW it’s done so you can walk away with the knowledge to be able to dream and create anything you want. I want you to really start thinking like a cake designer (and not just a cake maker) and approach any carved or structural cake project with confidence and optimism!

Cakes like this took me years before I had enough confidence to create them.

Let me show you how I do it! My Introduction to Cake Carving and Structure online course is now open for enrolment. This is a 3 week course where I am online helping you every single day to learn all about 3D cake carving and structures. We create one project together and then once you finish that you can create as many more as you’d like and take advantage of the time you have with me.

Some of the finished projects from my past students!

In the last round, some students created up to 3 projects during their time with me!

Work from the comfort of your own home but still feel like you are part of a class environment with me there by your side. You’ll have my full attention and lots of help from fellow classmates.

It really is the best way to learn comfortably and work in your own time, and at your own speed.

Want to create your own fox cake and learn all about structure and cake carving? Find out more here.

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