The Launch of Classes in Singapore

Guess what everyone? I’m excited to announce that I will be officially running cake decorating classes in Singapore this December! I was toying with the idea on my last trip back and decided that since I will be heading back to Singapore this Christmas to spend time with my family, I’d try running classes in Singapore.



I must admit, the initial task was pretty daunting. Cupcakes would have been the easier option (for me) but everyone who emailed me all asked about cakes. 



At this point I was getting a little stressed on how I will bring back all my tools for all the students. Let me tell you, there are quite a lot of tools, icing and chocolate involved which I would need to fly back with me.
Then I came across Bake King… my hero! They rent out their cooking school class rooms and have offered to supply everything I need. I was so happy 🙂



They have just listed my classes on their website yesterday and I’ve been told it’s already getting a good response. Oh, I am so excited to get to meet everyone 🙂 I am still a little nervous! Teaching away from my comfort zone, with new tools and a new climate… yikes. I’m sure it’ll be great fun, I’m just a worry wort 😛





So if you know of anyone in Singapore who’d be interested, help me spread the word. There are 2 class dates on offer – the

15th of December and 26th of December


This class will be run differently from the usual classes. I will be catering for all levels so students will get a chance to choose to do a square or round cake and also create your own simple design on the cake. And I will also be demonstrating how to stack a 2 tier cake… So lots of learning outcomes from this little class!
Hope to be able to meet some of you 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Launch of Classes in Singapore

  1. Hi Sharon!
    I’m from Singapore and am so excited to hear you are having classes here!

    Any chance you can teach 3D cakes? Or how to do bride/groom figurines for wedding cakes?

  2. Hi Sharon!
    I saw your ad (Singapore class) from facebook 🙂 I’m so impressed with your designs. I would love to attend your class ..and yes, I just signed up for the Dec 26 class! wooo hoo!! See you then 🙂

  3. Thank you everyone!

    Brimmer – I would love to teach 3D cakes (I love making them) in Singapore but I think this will be further down the road as this time around, I’m catering for beginners 🙂

    Jinky – I’m glad! I look forward to meeting you 🙂

  4. Hi Sharon! I am a beginner to cake making. I am from singapore. Can you tell me when, where, duration of your classes etc.

  5. Hi Sharon

    I would like to attend the Dec 15th class in Singapore. please provide more details.. fees time location.


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