The End of Holidays – I’m Back :)

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and I think it’s true… don’t we always want more? And when we have it, do we then crave for less?

Wayfarers Chapel in LA

I just got back from my holidays a couple of days ago and I must admit, although I love my job, it was extremely hard getting back into things, I was dragging my feet and day dreaming about still being in Barcelona where our biggest dilemma of the day was what to have for dinner.



Pork buns at Momofuku in New York.

The warm sun seems like a million years away and even though while I was burning to death in Barcelona and cursing the hot, humid weather and craving the cold winter in Sydney, I now am yearning for the hot sun again. Will I never be happy with with I have? It seems not.

We were away for a total of three and a half weeks and as you’d imagine the phrase ‘time flies when you are having fun’ was true too. It seemed to go by way too fast and although I miss the serene atmosphere of Yellowstone, the abundant chocolateries in Paris and the fresh orange juice in Barcelona, there is really no place like home. Excuse the cliché!

The last time I was in Paris was nearly six years ago. My dessert taste buds were quite non-existent, meaning that I was quite happy eating cake from regular cafes, the grocery store, frozen desserts and even the occasional boxed cake mix. They were yummy! Paris seemed like a magical dessert land to me and the smells and colours sent me on a lovely sugar induced coma.

Now, six years later, I know my tastes have changed and I am fussier with the desserts I eat. I’d happily travel to my favourite patisseries for my sweet fix rather than just heading down to the grocery store. I no longer order anything with the word ‘ganache’ in it because I am surrounded by it on a weekly basis and don’t have an appetite for it anymore (sad, I know). And I know the difference between compound and couverture chocolate and creme anglaise and creme patissiere.

I was so excited about heading back to Paris and was already dreaming of all the wonderful pastries and chocolates I was going to indulge on. Plus lots of my Facebook likers were also kind enough to recommend places to go.



Best ice cream in the whole world – Berthillon

I tried most of them, with the exception of the ones that were closed for their summer break (yes they close for 3 weeks!) or too far away. And I have come to realise that although they were extremely yummy and decadent, they were very much comparable to what can be found at some of my favourite places in Sydney (in my humble opinion!).

The macarons at Pierre Herme were the best I’ve had but Baroque at The Rocks comes really close. The cakes were works of art and delicious but if I dare say this, the ones at Patisse and Baroque were just the same if not better 🙂

I’ve realised that what we have in Sydney is really good too and it’s only now that I truly appreciate it.

So what was the favourite part of my trip? Without a doubt – the inside of the Sagrada Familia. It was peaceful and an amazing work of architecture and use of vibrant colours. I won’t tell you all about it because you can easily read the story behind it here.




Whether you are a believer or not, there is no doubt that when you walk in you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

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