The East Cost Round Up




I’m finally back in Sydney but have been too busy to finish posting about the holidays… Although I’ve been back for less than a week, the holiday already feels like such a distant memory!
New York was such a big change after the quiet small town of Whitehorse… surprisingly it was not as chaotic as I thought it would be. Sure it was busy and cars on the road all seemed to honk their horns for no apparent reason at all.





The bright lights of Times Square
I loved how organised the whole city was, the map looked like a nice even grid. I also loved how alive the whole city was, lights were everywhere, shops were open til mid night and the restaurant next to our hotel served meals until 4am. It feels like you’d never run out of things to do!





We visited central park, saw the Statue of Libery up close, experienced Time Square at night and went to Top of the Rock where we stood frozen outside but got to take in the glittering lights of the busy city.



One of the highlights of this stop was lunch at Jean Georges where the food was absolutely amazing and the dessert even better! I’m a big fan of pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini and his book… so I was so excited to be able to get to get the chance to have one of his dessert four plays. All the flavours just seem to have a party in your mouth 🙂 I didn’t take any photos since it was quite an upscale place and I was too shy to whip out my big SLR… 🙁
And one of my favourite places was The City Bakery where they served their hot chocolate in bowls with a home made marshmallow. It was rich, thick and creamy – YUM.






I want that marshmallow curtain!
Unfortunately on the last day it rained non stop and we found ourselves drenched everywhere we went. It was then I realised that although the city was organised, there isn’t much they did about overhead coverings.
We made our way to Grimaldi’s that night but was extremely cold and wet from the heavy rain and strong winds. Despite all that, the place was buzzing with people. A friend had told us we HAD to have the pizza there. I’m not a pizza fan but it was good. The crust especially was nice and crunchy and the cannoli was big and rich… yum!





The next day, we dragged our bags through the rain (it was actually heavier today) and headed for the bus to Washington DC. It was gloomy and drizzled all 3 days we were there. It was kind of depressing really. But we did get to see the white house and a couple of museums.







Then we were off to Orlando where we soon realised that it is impossible to get anywhere without a car!
We visited the Kennedy Space Centre where learned that NASA was much more than just space travel. It was amazing to find out the number of things we use today that NASA is responsible for – the microwave, flat screen TVs, pace makers…etc





 Mr Gator looking at lunch…





The next day we were off to Epcot to explore the world. I must admit it wasn’t as much fun as Magic Kingdom as there were less rides, but we did did get to eat heaps of good food at each of the different worlds 😀









But alas, it’s back to reality now…. more cake posts to come soon!

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  1. Hi Phuoc – it’s so hard waking up every morning now that I’m home! 🙁

    Jeremy, we’ll catch up soon and I can show you the rest of the photos!

    Hey Jennifer – it was so good but I’m also so tired after it. I need another holiday just to relax now 😀

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