The Big European Adventure – London, Dublin, Madrid, Pontevedra

It’s been a crazy and amazing four weeks and I can’t believe it is now all over. As I’m writing this I am sitting at Heathrow airport waiting to board my flight back to Singapore to start my Asian teaching adventure there. I’ve already been on two flights since 9am this morning so excuse me for any garbled sentences or mis-spelled words!

Although it was exhausting and in the beginning it felt like the end was so far away, it actually passed by so quickly. I had so much fun meeting everyone too! It was my first time teaching in Europe and my hosts and lovely students could not have made me feel more welcome.
First stop, London…


Thank you to Shikita and her wonderful team Jess, Nat and Em at Faircake for all the organization behind the scenes for me as well as for the students. They all worked so incredibly hard baking, cleaning and prepping that I am sure they are well over chocolate ganache and mud cake by now!


Vanilla Workshop was so pretty and being located in Greenwich I got to walk past the river everyday on the way to class. Bonus 🙂 It was a crazy six days but I had so much fun with a bunch of lovely students who made me feel so loved and welcomed.



Best hot chocolate ever. Thank you Kelvin!


Even managed to squeeze in some time to catch up with Kelvin from
Vinism Sugarart 🙂


Next stop Dublin and look who managed to join me!

Yep the post boxes are green there too 🙂 Everyone told me the weather would be terrible and gloomy but it was pretty much sunny most days we were there!

Decobake’s own range of fondant, check out the pretty colours!

The students were surprisingly quiet but amazingly talented! For the first time since I’ve been running the cheeky teddies class, these guys managed to finish with 10 mins to spare! 

Oh, I love them all!

Too cute!!

Thank you to Amy, her family, team at
Decobake and Sharon (who organised and baked everything for the classes) for making this trip possible and also being so welcoming and generous.

Then came Madrid where I met the wonderful

Alma who was so sweet. Her and her mum looked after us and the students so well.

I was kind of looking forward to Spain the most because of all the jamon, potato bravas and churros! I’ve been missing jamon since last year’s trip to Barcelona and I think I had jamon almost everyday we were there. Yum yum.


I even got a copy of Alma’s books 🙂 It’s in Spanish so I guess I will have to start learning some Spanish, maybe next time when I am back I will be able to say more than Hola and gracias! Thank you Alma and your mum for such a fun filled eight days.

Lastly… Pontevedra with Sweet Kala Talleres. And it could not have been a better end to this great adventure. 

Arriving into Vigo, I felt calm and relaxed already. It was such a beautiful town and there is just something relaxing about driving past mountains on one side and beaches on the other. It was such a treat to be able to stay and visit someplace like that because it’s a place I would never think of visiting but because of Elisa, I got to see a really beautiful part of Spain.

Elisa’s welcoming party 🙂

Elisa’s school was surrounded by lots of trees and mountains and was absolutely beautiful and incredibly spacious. And like the students in Madrid, everyone was so friendly, welcoming and noisy too 🙂

Pretty colours!


Lunch… yum!

The premier of my carousel cake class, look at all the amazing work the students did!

Thank you to Elisa and her mum for opening their home to me and for their generous hospitality. And another big thank you to Annabelle from Hotel Arce who came to class everyday and translated for the students and Robert who helped to fetch the students to and from the hotel and keeping me company (and sharing their wifi with me!). Like I have noticed with all Spanish people, they were so friendly and welcoming from the beginning so it felt like they were all just old friends 🙂


My last breakfast in Madrid this morning… mini jamon baguette and fresh orange juice. I will miss this 🙁
And lastly the biggest thank you to all the students who made time out of your days, took time off, drove for hours, flew in from different parts of Europe or even walked to class. I had so much fun teaching (and learning a thing or two!) all of you and I hope you had as much fun in class as I did. You gu
ys made the one month trip away from home plus living out of a suitcase a lot easier and I really would not be able to do what I love doing if it was not for your continued support and attendance. I am so flattered by all your compliments and so humbled to meet all of you and hear your stories. Thank you for making me feel special and sharing a little part of your country with me, I really appreciate it all.
I will be back in London in November and December this year with Fair Cake and I hope to be back with the rest of the hosts next year. Hopefully with some new cool designs 😉 Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see more of!
To all the students who travelled back by bus, train or plane with your cakes, I hope you and your cakes all made it home safely. Do let me know how it went 🙂

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  1. What a lovely journey! You ‘re so talented Sharon, I really admire you because you make it seem so easy =)
    Hope one day I can travel from down here (Argentina) to take some classes ’cause I think it’ll be difficult to see you around here…
    Oh, I see your new craftsy class is out! adorable animals! congrats!

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