The 3 things I am most proud of this year

At the start of each year, Michelle and I make some time to meet on skype and put together a list of all the things we were proud of in the previous year. We spend a good hour or two working on this and we write down EVERYTHING we can think of. And by everything I mean, EVERYTHING. Big, small, personal, business… anything!

We do this as a way to celebrate our successes and to remind ourselves of just how much we are capable of. It is an emotionally liberating and motivational exercise and I highly recommend you give it a try. This year, Michelle and I asked the students in our business classes to do this and although we only give everyone about 10 minutes to do this, it’s amazing to see how many of them struggle with this.

Which leads me to wonder… why do we struggle so much to remember all the good that we do but can so easily focus on all the bad?

Why is it that, when we are asked to list all the good things, we only come up with a small list and then struggle to find more?

Do we just tend to look around and see things we don’t have or lack instead of appreciating the things we do have and have achieved?

Do you want to know what will make my list this year? Here are the three things I’m the most proud of this year:

  1. Visiting and climbing Machu Picchu for the first time
  2. Starting and finishing my very first quilt for my new born niece (I literally watched a Craftsy video and then raced to finish it hours before she was born, but let’s not dwell on the fact that I procrastinated on it for months :P)
  3. Making a cake for Hanson (my favourite band of all time!) and then they actually ate it and Instagramed it!
Machu Picchu – I made it!

Do I sometimes sit and have my own pity party about all the things I didn’t do and missed out on this year? Sure.

The cake I made for Hanson!

But I’m slowly training myself out of it and pushing myself so that I never forget the good stuff. I am 100% sure that if you just shut off the voice in your head that likes to remind you of all the bad stuff, you will start to hear all the good stuff. It might come as whispers at first but listen harder and you will find they get louder and louder. So what are you waiting for? Go and start that list of things you are proud of 🙂

It’s tiny and not perfect, but it’s my first quilt and it’s finished!

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