That feeling in your gut… and Craftsy


A little over three years ago I filmed my first online video class with a company called Craftsy (you can read about my experience here). A couple of months before I was due to film with them I actually got a phone call from another online learning company asking me if I wanted to film with them instead. When I explained that I had already committed myself to Craftsy, they proceeded to tell me about their grand plans, all the wonderful and super famous people they have on board, and made it sound like I was making a mistake by not wanting to work with them.

My belief has always been that if I was going to work with someone to give them my work or product to use, they have to be really good (and essentially the best) at what they do. Which is why I was super keen and honoured to be working with Craftsy. And until that phone call I had no doubt about my decision to work with Craftsy. But I admit, after I hung up the phone that day, I felt a little worried. Perhaps I had made the wrong decision? You know how sometimes you are so sure about something but all someone needs to do is put a little seed of doubt in your mind and suddenly you are not so sure any more? That’s how I felt.

During moments like that I always look for that feeling in my gut… and my gut was telling me that I had made the right choice. So I went ahead and to date have filmed three classes with Craftsy. And that other company? They launched, boomed and then came crashing back down. They don’t exist any more. So, now every time I am ever unsure about any decision, I always look back to that time and remind myself to look to my gut for the reassurance.

Today I am incredibly honoured to be a part of the Craftsy team and call them my second home. Last weekend I had the chance to attend their first ever instructor summit and I was once again reminded that not only had I made the right decision three years ago, I was truly lucky to be a part of such a fun, driven and appreciative team. If I could sum up the weekend in one word it would be – awe. Do you know what it’s like to be in a room with almost 200 instructors who are some of the most experienced and well known people in their industry? It’s so humbling.

Look at how many instructors flew in for this event!
Look at how many instructors flew in for this event!

I met people who have written multiple books, won awards. made cheesecakes for the set of the Golden Girls, whose cakes have gone viral, and who train the American special armed forces. Just imagine how diverse and amazing that was to be around! We spent the weekend learning how we can be better as well as how we can best work together. I have to say, it’s been a long time since I have been to an event where everyone was so open about sharing and so full of energy. I think that is testament to how Craftsy looks after their instructors. It’s always been refreshing to work with a business that values their talent and looks after them fairly. Too often in the cake industry bigger business try to devalue the work of cake artists and more often than not a lot of them end up working for free or next to nothing or for the ambiguous promise of ‘exposure’ (if you’d rather avoid bad language, don’t click that link). This weekend Craftsy gave me hope that there might just be a better future for our industry yet.

Look at all the new and old cake friends that were there!
Look at all the new and old cake friends that were there!

If you have followed me for a while but you are still unsure about what this whole Craftsy thing is about, let me summarise by saying that it is THE best online learning platform out there. The Craftsy platform enables and connects people from all around the world to some of the best instructors in the craft industry. Students are able to watch the classes over and over again, in high definition, at their own convenience and personally ask the teachers questions through the unique platform. Seriously I would not always be recommending their classes if I did not believe in the platform myself. To date, through Craftsy, I have managed to connect with students from some of the furthest places on this planet.

Check out the classes if you have not already and you can even see which other classes I recommend here.


And full disclosure, no one is paying me to write this blog post but I do make a small percentage if you click on the links above and purchase any classes. Just so we are transparent here, it is one of my forms of income 🙂

Anyway, this week I’m taking a short little break and learning how to make paper clay flowers with my friend Diane from DK Designs. Check out her work, she makes some stunning paper clay flowers! Then this weekend I will officially teach my first class of 2016 at Baking Arts! I can’t wait 🙂

A paper clay gerbera I made with help from Diane
A paper clay gerbera I made with help from Diane

2 thoughts on “That feeling in your gut… and Craftsy

  1. I am a Craftsy addict. Not just for cake, I love how diverse their courses are. Have taken online painting and photography courses, there are loads of cooking (not baking) classes I still want to purchase!

  2. Thank you for your words. I love craftsy classes and have purchased and taken quite a few of them. I find them really professional and the people who give the classes are so knowledgable and experienced on their field and I have learned a lot. I still have some that I plan to purchase in the future. Have fun with your flower clay and in your time off.

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