Teddy Bears at the Beach


It was a beautiful day in Sydney yesterday and what better way to enjoy it than to head to Bondi Beach? The sun was out and warm but not extremely hot and the water was a beautiful shade of sparkling blue.



This cake was inspired by my Teddy Bears Picnic cake but made for Curtis’ beach themed christening party. Perfect for the Bondi venue I delivered to and with such a beautiful day, I don’t think I could have asked for more.













Doesn’t this little guy just want to make you head to a beach right now?
I also finally had a chance to have my very first deep fried mars bar! I can’t believe that I’ve been living in Sydney for 10 years and did not know they existed until a couple of years ago… and would you believe didn’t even try one until yesterday. 





All I can say is that I have missed out on 10 years of awesome crunchy, warm gooey, chocolate and caramel goodness! The only unfortunate thing was that I had to share it with the boyfriend. Plus, the shop had deep fried ice cream on the menu which you can bet I will be returning for!

6 thoughts on “Teddy Bears at the Beach

  1. This is so cute Sharon! I’m loving the beach theme cake, I love Summer time in general and this cake makes me want to take a day off work and soak up the sun. The bears, the buckets full of sand, the crabs.. Cuteness overload 😀

  2. Thanks Phuoc, I’m not a fan of Summer (too hot!) but I do like the days in between – hot but with a cool breeze 😀

    Thanks Tina 🙂 The deep fried mars bar was from a place called fishop (i think). it’s a fish and chip shop along the main beach road. And you have to go try one! now! 🙂

    Lorena – Thank you!

  3. Hi!! Your cakes are so cute!! I love it. How did you the sand? I’ve started To create some cupcakes! Could you please tell me how To make it? Thanks!!!

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