Sweets in Singapore

In case you have not noticed, I have a major love for all things sweet… especially dessert. I never say no to dessert 🙂
On my recent trip back to Singapore I was on a mission to taste some amazing desserts. First stop was Canele and I could not help but stare at the long stretch of beautiful looking desserts that were displayed along the counter. I forgot to bring my camera that day so all I have are photos from my phone.

The highlight would have to the matcha cake and the chocolate cake (which I can’t remember the name of! But it’s the one on the far left hand side). The matcha was light but packed full of yummy creamy matcha flavour and the chocolate cake was rich without being too sweet or bitter – just nice. We ordered 6 cakes in total and the best part was cutting all of them up into 6 little pieces and sharing them around. yum yum. The waiter did look at us funny – I guess people don’t usually share desserts like me?
I had actually only planned on visiting Canele since I didn’t know anywhere else to go, but on the day we decided to go on to the top deck of The Sands Hotel, we stumbled upon another dessert treasure – Sweet Spot

 They had wasabi macarons! I wonder what they taste like….

Rum and raisin cheese cake – I love the little capsules!
The store was so beautifully styled and and desserts and macarons even more stunning to look at. The only thing I love more than eating desserts, is staring at beautiful intricate ones… and then taking photos of them (must be the Asian blood in me!). There were so many things I wanted to try but we just had to settle for 3 mini cakes.

Look, the first cake was almost gone before I realised I didn’t take a picture of it!

The 3 we had were so yummy. I’m bad with names, but we had a black forest one, a nougat one and a hazelnut one – all light and yummy. The boyfriend did pipe up that they ‘wernt as good as Zumbo’s’… I guess I agree to a certain extent, but these cakes were more yummy in a traditional way whereas Zumbo’s creations tend to have a bit more of a creative flair. Not really comparing the same thing in my opinion 🙂

 The infinity pool at the top of the hotel. Very posh!
Now are you ready for one of the best desserts I had on my trip back? My brother actually told me about this place and it’s tucked away on the top floor of Suntec City shopping centre. It’s a Turkish restaurant but we only stopped for dessert.

I’ve never had a kunefe before but this dessert was so unique and decadent. The crispy pastry had cheese inside and was topped with crushed pistachios and surrounded by cream and honey. It was delicious and did not even taste oily – apparently it’s better than the ones you’d find in Turkey (that’s what the shop owner told us anyways!). This was so good, we ordered a second round 🙂

 Baklava… not as sweet as the ones you find in Sydney.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Tea
But alas, I am now back in Sydney and freezing my butt off – which is a nice change compared to hot and humid Singapore.
So now I leave you with some recent creations 🙂

I LOVE this cake and actually had trouble parting with it when I delivered it this morning 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sweets in Singapore

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Glad to see you had fun in Singapore – the desserts look absolutely amazing.

    And I’m totally in love with your teapot cake! I wouldn’t have been able to part with it either!

  2. hey sharon, i didn’t know you’re a singaporean! 😮

    i haven’t tried canele’s new creations yet, was the ispahan any good? i was at sweet spot not too long ago, find that their desserts are wayyy overpriced! at almost $10 an individual entremet i think theirs must be the most expensive among all patisseries already. i find them too light tho’, i had the fraisier something, it was not just light but bland as well. the lemongrass coconut macaron i had was quite good tho’ 🙂

    hv u been to k ki @ ann siang hill? their cakes are good, esp the mont blanc! 😀

  3. Stephanie – Thank you! I was so sad to see the teapot go… but at least it went to a good ‘home’ 🙂

    MrsKT – I love the board too. It was a last minute decision to do it but I’m glad I did.

    Rose – Thank you!

    Evan – everything at Canele was so pretty 🙂 and I’m not sure which one the Ispahan is (I’m bad with names!)? And yes Sweet Spot is pretty pricey but I tend to overlook these things when I see something pretty 😛 The chocolate ones we had were light but they were quite tasty. They were so light we managed to eat 3 desserts between the 2 of us 🙂 I might have to go back and try the macaroons on my next trip!

    And I have not even heard of K Ki! Another place to add to my list. I am so out of touch, I should check with you next time before I travel 🙂

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