Sugar flower arranging mini tutorial

Some Tips for Arranging Sugar Flowers

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  • Have all the flowers, leaves, and buds ready to go in one area. It’s easier to arrange if you can see what you have.
  • Ensure that the wires or skewers that are going into the spacer are long enough so that the flowers don’t fall out.
  • Start by inserting and spreading out the bigger flowers first. I like to insert them by colour too. I tend to spread out each flower and colour evenly around the whole cake.
  • Then I start working with the smaller flowers, again by colour.
  • Once all the bigger flowers are inserted, I then look at filling the gaps with leaves (to add some colour) and filler flowers (these can be berries or buds).
  • Ensure that all the flowers, fillers and leaves are pointing in different directions (so it looks natural) and are inserted at different levels (some should be deeper into the spacers than others).
  • Take a good step back once in awhile, you’ll be able to see clearer if there is any colour or weight imbalances.
  • Finally, try and insert the flowers as tight against each other as you can, this prevents any gaps from showing.

11 thoughts on “Sugar flower arranging mini tutorial

    1. Hi Kaye, for this project yes, generally it depends if you can still see it or not 🙂 The size should usually be 2 inches less than the cake size that is above it.

  1. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing this. I’ve recently been asked to quote for something similar and struggled to estimate the number of flowers, foliage and berries that would be needed. I guess it’s a matter of “make lots more than you think you’ll need” but do you have a method of working this out? Kathy x

    1. Hi Kathy, I just usually work out how big the flower is then look at the space left and estimate based on that. You can make a bit extra if that helps too.

  2. Hi Sharon, spaces that are made with foam include basis for future cake, right? do you just put on the previous cake or there is something inside? I wonder if it is well-balanced to support the weight
    hope I am clear, Jenni from Uruguay

    1. Hi Jennifer, if I understand correctly you are wondering how the cake will stack on top of the spacer? You need to put a thin cake board (sometimes called a cake drum) under each cake before you ganache and cover with fondant. Once it is set and secure, it can sit on top of the spacer without sinking. When stacking the cakes you will need straws or dowels in the lower tier so the spacer is not pushed down into the cake. If you’d prefer to watch a video Paul Bradford has a free course available at

    1. Hi Aisha, I don’t currently have one but it is basically the same as stacking normal cakes. You will need a centre pole and cake boards under each tier, with dowels or straws inserted in the cake to support the spacer above it. For the spacers it is usually good to use a size 2 inches smaller than the cake tier above it. Hope this helps!

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