Stencilling Mini Tutorial

I shared this on Facebook in celebration of reaching 20,000 likes. That was nearly 2 years ago now! I hope you enjoy it if you haven’t already seen it.

Step 1

I use masking tape to hold down my stencils. I realise there are lots of other ways to stencil but this is what works for me.

I wait for the fondant to set a day before doing this and the masking tape does not ruin the fondant. But I use one that does not have a strong adhesive. If in doubt PLEASE test it out on some fondant first.

I make sure my royal icing is at a stiff consistency and then I spread thickly over the whole stencil.

Step 2

Gently scrape off the excess. I use a metal scraper to do this.

Step 3

Then peel off the stencil from one side to the other.

Step 4

If bleeding occurs, you can just use a toothpick or a damp brush to neaten it.

Step 5

To join the top part, I did trim off the bottom of the stencil a little bit and the joined it up.

The only thing about this part is that you have to be careful when you apply the royal icing.

Usually I wait for the prior section to dry first.

Step 6

Clean off the excess.

To join the pattern on the sides, you can do the same thing.

And yes you CAN use the masking tape on top of the royal icing as long as it’s DRY.

Finished result
The finished result!

And that’s it! If you’d like to get some stencils of your own I suggest you visit my friends at Designer Stencils. They ship worldwide too!

If you’d like to find some of the products Sharon used in this tutorial you can find them below.

10 thoughts on “Stencilling Mini Tutorial

      1. Sharon, do you get the same result if you apply a thin layer of shortening to the fondant, and then apply the dust?

        1. Hi Natasha, I’ve never tried this but I don’t see why not. Just test it out on a piece of rolled out fondant first, it won’t take long and you’ll know for sure 🙂

  1. Thanks for this – it is exactly the guide I was looking for. Would you by any chance have another guide on how to do the lustre finish? I’ve used lustre so many times before, but it always leaves extra dust that goes everywhere. I’m worried it will all cover up the stencilling, and don’t think i could use masking tape on the finish I get so must be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance, your work is amazing,

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Sometime ago you did a short tutorial on applying a London Skyline on a 10″ round Wedding cake.
    I think you did your skyline free hand, I have a similar cake to create and would appreciate some advice on how to create a professional look.
    I have checked out several sites for stencils but they are too small and icing sheets just don’t work.
    I would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you, Sue

      1. Hi Sharon, your video was a big help. I’ve saved it so I can refer back later.
        Thanks for replying so quickly, much appreciated.
        Sue x

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