Start your cake engines…


Exactly what goes into making a car cake?

A lot of ratios! Numbers and maths are not my thing, that’s why I like making colourful, pretty cakes 🙂


Pictures of all angles of the car – to make sure that everything is in proportion. I can’t express myself very well mathematically, so as you can see there are also random numbers scribbled all over the place.

The numbers side of my brain finally got its act together and together with its creative partner (who spent a good 6 hours hand painting the designs on the car) created a car that was ready to race!


Broom Broom!


5 thoughts on “Start your cake engines…

  1. That’s such an awesome cake! I’ve been thinking about making a car cake for a friend but I’ve been putting it off! I’m inspired now, thanks!:)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! It took forever to measure every single thing and then try and work out the ratio of it!

    Chocswirl, good luck with your cake, let me know how it goes 🙂

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