Sometimes you just have to try something different

I’m always in a bit of a weird mood before something major happens with my business. The launch of my Craftsy classes, the first overseas teaching trip, my first book… All those major moments kind of leave me in that state of panic and calm at the same time. Panic because of the unknown but calm because I am at the stage of the plan where most things are well and truly out of my control.

For the last 2 years or so, an idea has been quietly bubbling at the back of my mind. At that time, I was 3 years into travelling and was starting to get really exhausted. When I started travelling to teach, I didn’t really have any plans for the future other than to just keep travelling as long as people wanted to have me. But around that 3 year mark, the novelty of being in a different country each week was starting to wear off. I started to realise that what I was doing was not a long term or sustainable plan.

Peru live cake decorating class

I was pretty close to hitting the ceiling of what I was physically capable to do. I was stressed, tired, and not really looking after myself. There are only so many airports I can rush through, so many plane meals I can eat and so many students I can teach in class at one time. It also always seemed like no matter where I travelled it was always not close enough or not the right time for someone – and someone always misses out.

It was then that I realised I have to think harder about my future in this business and where it is going – if not, I was about to drown. Drown in stress, exhaustion and most of all, competition.

At the centre of everything I do, is being able to make a difference by sharing what I know with others. The moment I see someone understand something for the first time or get results they never thought they could really makes me so happy. How amazing that I can make an impact even if it’s in a small way.

I am so grateful for the students who have given up their time to come to class but I know that there are so many more out there that couldn’t come because of other commitments or live in really far and remote places of the world. So I kept thinking of ways that I could connect with those people. Although I’ve been creating online tutorials and YouTube videos for years and I love hearing from people who use them, I’ve always felt like they were better suited to more straightforward projects. For more detailed or complex projects, it always felt like there was something missing.

And over and over again I hear students telling me that they much prefer the in person experience because it’s just not the same as anything else. They love that the teacher is able to help them with their project and that they feel accomplished when class is over.

So, I kept thinking, brainstorming and researching… how could I bring the same in person experience that people love so much into a format that was much more accessible to the world?

Well, after a year of planning the logistics, filming and editing the content I’m excited to introduce you to my brand new online course – Introduction to Cake Structure and Carving.

This is a unique new way of learning from me online and I can’t wait to share it with you. This course is a 3 week interactive course and is also not like any other online video and tutorial learning options out there.

Aside from all the videos and resources, the biggest part of this course that you get is me! I will be online twice a day and you can get all the help and support you need for the 3 weeks. Just like with an in-person class, you can work confidently knowing that I will be there to help you if you need it. And as a bonus, you get to work at your own time, at your own pace and comfortably in your own surroundings 🙂

After the 3 weeks, the daily live help finishes but I will still be available through email and the course content is yours for life. I have never offered this level of personal interaction online before. This has only previously been available for in person and private class students.

Enrolment is now open! Click here to find out more and to secure your spot!

I’d love to connect with everyone in the world and help them create amazing cakes.This unique online course will start on the 16th of April and I can’t wait to have you in my studio!

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