Some Much Needed Time Off

I know I have been MIA lately… but a whirlwind of things/events have been happening. There have been cakes, cupcakes, hundreds of cookies, photo shoots, lots of learning and a holiday. Yes! From the 26th of this month, I will be going on a much needed 3 week holiday to America ๐Ÿ˜€ I am very excited and very unorganised at the same time. I have bought my tickets out of Sydney and back to Sydney but have so far organised NOTHING in between. Help!ย 

I do know where I want to go, but I just have not go myself organised enough to book all the flights and hotels! So far, the plan looks pretty much like a nice big circle around America and Canada… San Francisco, Vancouver, Whitehorse, New York, Washington DC, Orlando, and LA (I know, that’s a lot to do in 3 weeks!). I’ve spent a couple of years living in Americaย  when I was younger so I have been to most of those places, but I can’t wait to share it with the boyfriend!
So of course as I won’t be in Sydney, I won’t be taking any orders during that time (26th of Feb until the 25th of March). I will still be available online and will try to blog as much as I can about my American and Canadian adventures ๐Ÿ™‚
And since Valentines day is coming up this weekend, I thought I’d share these with you…







A promotional company ordered hundreds of cookies from me last week for Valentines day. Delicious chocolaty cookies with red icing and pretty ‘love-like’ decorations. I must say, they’ve got some very lucky clients!
As for what I’ll be doing this weekend… here’s a little sneak peek…



I’ll be hosting a tea party in honour of little Isla! My good friends recently had a baby last year so this tea party is to welcome and meet their new little girl ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait. Pictures will be up soon!

6 thoughts on “Some Much Needed Time Off

  1. Hi, I love your blog. I can give you some suggestions: Vancouver, you can rent a bike outside Stanley Park (there’s 1 that you see when you get near the park, don’t go to that one, go around the corner, it’s cheaper there). You can ride in Stanley Park all around the seawall. It’s really pretty although it might be chilly this time of the year. Don’t go to the old Chinatown, it’s scary! Go to the new one in Richmond As for NYC, you have to hit the Chinatown there, tons of good foods for cheap prices. Bayard St is great for Shanghainese food. Baxter St is full of Viet food. You can catch a Broadway show. Take a trip downtown to see the WTC area. Plenty of museums, bring your student ID, you usually get a discount at the museums. I’ve bombarded your comment section with this. Shoot me an email if you want more info. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hi,
    love your vday cookies. i am thinking of doing something similar too. just wondering though what dyes you use to make your red, or what premade red fondant you get. i always have trouble with certain colours (red, black) and yours looks nice and smooth. i usually use 50/50 cake art red and bakels white. any tips?

  3. Hooray! I wish Isla could taste the food, maybe we should save something for when she’s got teeth!
    Mmm matured cupcakes. Looking forward to it so much!

  4. Thanks Jennifer, I am super excited. I love holidays ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you so much for all the great tips rudie2shoes! I’ll be in touch for more advice!

    Anonymous, I use the cake art red and black fondant too. Much easier than trying to make red and black from white icing! I just mix in about 1/3 the amount of white icing (although 50/50 is fine too) and then if it’s still too wet, add some icing sugar and if it’s not red enough, I’ll either add some red colour gel paste (americolour) or some red powder colour. HTH… the smoothness also has alot to with the wetness/dryness of your icing and the surface you’re applying it on.

    Yay, I’m excited too Jeremy! I got to try and make my place ‘baby friendly’ tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I hope you have a lovely trip. I’m sure there are many yummy bakeries to try out there (of course nothing beats the European ones but you never know). I want to visit America one day. Keep us posted with your adventures.

    By the way, your cookies look stunning. I can’t help but feel all excited for VDay, even though I will be working..

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