Satay and Dessert at 2am

During my 24hr + time in Singapore, I managed to indulge myself in most of the food I missed… first stop was Satay Club (as requested by the boyfriend, he liked it so much the last time we were here). We also caught up with family and had such a hard time getting used to the sticky, hot and humid weather 🙁 But going through all that for the Satay was worth it!



The Satay man doing this thing…


The next day we were off to do some shopping, eat roti pratha and to try out a new dessert bar – 2am.

2am was highly recommended by my cousin who said they had really unique desserts and a really cool concept. They are like a bar (serving alcohol) but they focus on desserts. They open till 2am and people go to hang out and indulge. I wish they had something like that in Sydney which opens to late, it’d be so nice to go somewhere like that to catch up with friends than a bar or a Starbucks.

2am was tucked away inside Holland Village and surrounded by little shops and HDB flats. Such a strange place for a fancy dessert bar to be located, but it must work well for them.

I suppose being a dessert bar, they would tend to get really busy at night. We went in the late afternoon and had the luxury of having the whole place to ourselves and personal service! There were too many choices on the menu but finally we were able to settle and order…



My brother ordered the S’mores which had toasted marshmallow, rich chocolate cream, biscuit crumbs, caramel and macadamias.



I got the Twix which had a burnt caramel mousse on top of a bed of biscuits, salted caramel sauce and rich chocolate cream.



The boyfriend ordered the Toffee Pudding with custard, maple whisky jelly and pomegranate sorbet. This was my favourite out of all the desserts.



My mom ordered the hot chocolate with churros. Love the presentation plate!



Me and the boyfriend enjoying our dessert 🙂

When they served us the dessert they also explained to us what each one was. So much fun 😀


2 thoughts on “Satay and Dessert at 2am

  1. Yum. satay look so yummy~~~ :p

    I was googling RSPCA cupcakes and somehow came across you website. Just wanted to ask if you knew that the RSPCA was going to hold their cupcakes day this year.

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