Puit d’Amour Cake

I just got home from volleyball (we won tonight, yay!), baked a batch of cupcakes to be decorated tomorrow, had a shower and have managed to squeeze in some time to update my blog. I realised don’t really get to update my blog until the weekends and it’s usually because I’ve got so much crammed into my week nights, plus having a full time job doesn’t leave me with much spare time. So, I have come to the conclusion that I need more time!

I’ve been taking a 8 week French pastry class with the boyfriend and so every Monday we rush home from work, scoff down dinner and pack our bags full of ingredients and head off to the Paris International Cooking School. Each week, under the supervision of a chef, we learn to cook 3 different desserts all with French names I can’t seem to remember or pronounce properly. We learn new technique and also little tips and tricks in the kitchen (like to wet your sauce pan slightly before heating up milk or cream to prevent the milk/cream from burning on the bottom – which also makes the pan easier to wash).

So far, we’ve made tarts, cakes, truffles, pastry twists and puddings. But my absolute favourite dessert was one of the ones we made last week – Puit d’Amour Cake (or ‘Love Wells’). It’s basically a voul-a-vont filled with cream patissiere and topped off with fresh berries. I am a sucker for pastry, especially light, golden, fresh, still warm, crispy, melt in your mouth pastry. And that was exactly what this was. Yuuuum. And coupled with the cream patissiere, which was basically a creamy sweet vanilla custard, and the mixed berries on top… double yuuuum.

We only made 4 and somehow I managed to stop myself long enough to take a photo.

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