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Sharp Edges Bundle

AUD $60.00

BEST VALUE! This bundle contains everything you need to get sharp edges on your cakes!

  • 4 clear acrylic scrapers, of various sizes
  • 2 clear acrylic smoothers
  • 1 flexible smoother set (containing flexible plastic smoothers of multiple sizes and thicknesses, and an acupuncture needle to poke out annoying bubbles)

With this bundle you SAVE 20% compared to buying all the tools separately!

Please read below for information on all the products included in this bundle, some tips, and a video demonstration of our smoothers.

Set of 4 Acrylic Scrapers

Use this set of 4 scrapers to scrape your way to sharp edges on your cakes. Suitable for buttercream or ganache, the clear finish and bevelled edges allow you to see what you are doing at all times when setting your cake up with a solid foundation.

Also suitable for other uses such as stencilling or a guide to straighten fondant decorations.

You can even use it as a temporary fondant embosser. Simply place the clear acrylic piece over any pattern and pipe onto it with royal icing. Let it dry and use it to imprint your fondant! When youโ€™re done it washes off easily.

All 4 scrapers are 8cm (3 inches) in width and 4.5mm thick, while their lengths are:

  • 12cm / 4.5 inches
  • 18cm / 7 inches
  • 23cm / 9 inches
  • 30cm / 11 inches

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2x Clear Handled Hard Acrylic Smoothers

Made from stiff transparent acrylic, these smoothers allow you to see what you are doing and let you get those sharp edges on your fondant cakes!

Sold as a set of 2 only. Handles are reinforced for extra strength.

The smoothers measure 150mm X 90mm and are approx 3-4 mm thick.

Flexible Smoother and Needle Set

This set is great for buffing, smoothing, and finishing your fondant covered cakes. Contains multiple smoothers for different applications and personal preferences.

The set contains:

  • A single acupuncture needle to poke out small bubbles
  • 1 firm white flexible smoother, for those who like to apply a bit more pressure, most suitable for standard cakes
  • 2 medium clear flexible smoothers, for a lighter touch and suitable for smoothing fondant on standard or 3D shaped cakes
  • 2 softer, clear flexible smoothers, for a gentle touch. Great for polishing and buffing out imperfections from your fondant, and also work great on 3D shaped cakes
  • 1 mini clear flexible smoother, for scraping, shaping, and smoothing the ganache or buttercream on all the contours of your 3D cakes

Video Demonstration

Use them as shown to create stunning and perfectly straightened cakes. Check out the video below for some more tips on how to use our smoothers (if the video is not showing, please use this link).

Top Tips

Our smoothers have sharp edges to help you get super sharp edges โ€“ so make sure before using them you smooth out the fondant with acetate and season the smoother with a light coat of corn starch/ icing sugar so they donโ€™t stick or catch against the fondant.

Also, only place pressure on the side of the smoother that is along the edge of the cake and not along the whole smoother. A full Usage and Troubleshooting Guide is available for download after purchase.

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We keep all our tutorials detailed enough so you can learn at your own pace and every single step has an accompanying photo.

Real world experience

Sharon has had years of experience creating cakes for sale as well as teaching students from all around the world. She knows how important it is to work efficiently (the quicker you work the more profitable your projects are and the more time you have for your family!), what can go wrong, she can predict any common mistakes and covers all the tips and solutions in her online tutorials and in-person classes.

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