Practicing Pink Roses

My cousin is getting married next July and I’m helping her plan her wedding cake. I don’t have much experience in the whole planning of a wedding but so far since chatting to my cousin it seems like an extremely long, detailed and expensive process. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it sounds fun too (when it all comes together!) and I know for some people it’s one of the biggest days of their lives, but I can’t believe that you need to secure venues more than a year in advance (they book up quickly!) and you have to think about the big picture, the room layout, the dress, photography, down to details like the colour of your nail polish and how much alcohol you are expecting each of your guests to consume. With so many things to do, no wonder some girls start planning their dream wedding when they are so young.

This whole wedding thing also makes me wonder if the guy (in general) is just as excited about all the planning and details or do they just go along because they know it’s makes their future wife happy? If left up to them, would they rather a simple wedding with no frills because at the end of the day all they want to do is spend the rest of their life with the girl?

But on to the topic of cakes, I’m lucky my cousin is organised when it comes to her cake. After spending one weekend with her looking at potential ideas and what she wants, she decided on the design of her cake and even went home to draw it out and colour it in for me! Her theme colours are pastel pink and green (always a good mix). If she lets me, I’ll post up a picture of her drawing but at the moment we are still working out how to get the cake layers to ‘flow’ better. She wants to top off the whole cake with a bunch of roses so last weekend I practised my sugar flower skills and made a bunch of roses to place on a mock up cake for her.

I still need to put the finishing touches to the mock up cake but thought I’d share some pictures because I’m so happy with how it turned out 🙂 It’s taken me a long time to make this so I think I still need practise and to work out how to get rid of some of the rough edges. My cousin told me she didn’t mind if we used real roses but I’m determined to make sugar roses that look just as good 😛


I hope these travel well because her wedding is in Singapore *fingers crossed*.




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