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Two years ago I was introduced to the world of Craftsy and into an amazing world of exceptionally crafted online learning.

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The first day in the studio… the calm before the storm 🙂

Occasionally I get asked what my experience was like with Craftsy and I can honestly say it was and continues to be a wonderful experience. In my opinion it is the best online learning platform you can find. Everyone there works like a well oiled machine and there is a lot of thought and consideration behind everything they do.

The awesome team I got to work with... Thank you Laffrey, Clif and Caleb!
The awesome team I got to work with… Thank you Laffrey, Clif and Caleb!

They not only put the student’s experience and learning outcomes first, but they also treat their teachers and partners with professionalism and fairness (which I can also honestly tell you that while it may sound like something so simple, it is extremely hard to find with companies in this industry).

First round of samples that were done for Craftsy's approval.
First round of samples that were done for Craftsy’s approval.

There is always a lot of prep behind the scenes of a Craftsy shoot. Months of discussion on  the class topic, approval meetings, and market research on Craftsy’s end and class design and learning outcomes from my end. Then weeks before the actual shoots, discussions with the producer and a full progress script is written ensuring that we cover all the exact learning outcomes and pre-empt all the potential questions from the students. Like I said before – a well oiled machine 🙂

All the bits and pieces!
All the bits and pieces!

On my end before I left I had to create a whole bunch of pre-made shoe parts so that the filming process could go smoothly (and we would not have to wait for things to dry). Luckily everything was small and that I could pack it all up with tonnes of tissue paper and hand carry it on the plane. It was a relief when they all got there unbroken!


Using Rainbow Dust’s Edible Glitter to add some sparkle onto baby ballet flats 🙂
All the finished shoes from the last day of filming.

I was also lucky enough to tour their offices this time around and I got to meet a whole bunch of people during the whole post-production process that no one ever knows about. They all seem like magic little worker bees who turn the filmed class (with mistakes and all!) into a pretty finished product with fancy writing, moving fonts and special effects.

titleCardEvery step of the way in each team (editing, graphics, marketing…etc) someone new touches and views the class. So you can imagine by the time it gets to the end where it is live on the website, you can be sure that it has gone through rounds of editing and consideration to ensure that the students get the best learning outcome.


I had a blast filming the class partly because I was not sick this time around and I also kind of knew what to expect from the whole process (like where to get the coffee in the studio!). In case you have not seen my Facebook posts or get my newsletter, the class launched last week and I’m already starting to get some great feedback and photos from the students!

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback :)
Thank you for all your wonderful feedback 🙂

5077 Baby Shoes-0109_retouched

Thank you to those who have already purchased, promoted, and watched the class. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you all become baby shoe designers 🙂 Make sure you share what you create!

5077 Baby Shoes-0146_retouched

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