My Friday Night Off


It’s a Friday night and it’s one of the first few I’ve had in a long time to myself. Usually I’m finishing off cakes, cleaning up my cake related mess, doing admin work or going to volleyball training. But today, thanks to me being super organised this week and my sore finger (volleyball not cake related!) plus deciding to give myself the night off, I find myself a little lost. 



I don’t know where to start! Maybe shopping for cake related stuff? Or maybe online Christmas shopping? Read my book? Go to bed and get some extra sleep? iPhone games? For now, I choose to blog 🙂 
Sometimes on Friday nights, I wonder what my clients are doing in anticipation of their event (and my cake) the next day. Mothers must be busily gathering their baby’s clothes in preparation for their christenings tomorrow and brides must have butterflies in their stomach as they gather their accessories and go through their mental checklist for the biggest day of their lives. I imagine everyone (mums, brides, event planners, caters, florists…etc) running around in a mad rush while I am sitting here with my finished cake 🙂 I’m sure that is not the case, but my imagination tends to get carried away sometimes 😉
For now I leave you with some of this week’s cakes… I’m off to do some online cake shopping while the US exchange rate is still good!



This one was not my design, the bride brought it to me so if you know who it belongs to, let me know so I can give them credit for it.






4 thoughts on “My Friday Night Off

  1. The little bunny is so sweet! And I love the all-white wedding cake (i’m guessing?) it’s so elegant.
    Your cakes just get better and better!

    I always feel a little lost when I give myself time off.
    I just finished my HSC and I was planning on having some time off to relax and re-coup. But since my exam finished on tuesday, I’ve had 3 client meetings and another 2 planned for next week. (Time off?… errrr)

  2. I know what you mean by feeling a little lost, we are so used to keeping ourselves busy that when we have a chance to chill out, we don’t know what to do! I hope you do enjoy that moment of quiteness, we all need a little me time every now and then.

    Oh! I got the fourplay book the other day and it’s so awesome! Thanks for the heads up on it.

    Speak soon

  3. Beautiful, beautiful cakes! I could imagine someone like you would be working like mad on a Friday, so I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your Friday off.

    Am in OZ too, and curious to know what online shopping (american sites) you’d go to purchase. Apart from amazon & ebay, i don’t know any other stores that ship to Aust (darn!). And if they don’t ship to OZ, do you know how to transport?I am super keen to enjoy the wonderful xchange rates 😉

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