More Boob Cupcakes…

It’s been almost a year now since I first made the boob and stripper cupcake tower for my friend’s 21st. The other day a friend of a friend saw them and ordered them for her friend.

This stripper was made from sugar so she had to sit down (the other one was made from clay). I also tried our a new ‘face style’ on her… I wanted to make eyes with a little bit more expression but I think the smile didn’t really suit her because when I finished I thought she looked a bit scary rather than sexy?

I didn’t get much time at all to take pictures… was so rushed this weekend 🙁 but managed to snap a couple of shots…


4 thoughts on “More Boob Cupcakes…

  1. These are incredable my hubby turned and saw these on th screen and just laughed he couldn’t believe it. I think a great idea to get men into cupcakes

  2. Hee hee Thx so much for these delicious cupcakes haha I’ve done the post so you can see it on our blog ^^!

    Oh we didn’t intend for her to crash like that haha so please think we were mistreating your stripper!

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