How to Make Modelling Chocolate Succulents – Tutorial

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Mini Modelling Chocolate Succulents

  • Roll out the modelling chocolate and place a cling wrap over the top. Cut out the shapes in the picture. 1 x first cutter, 2 x 2nd cutter and 5 x 3rd cutter.
  • With the balling tool, pull downwards into the petal to create a cupped shape.
  • Gather the petal in your fingers and scrunch it together to create the centre.
  • The petals should overlap naturally.
  • For the single petals, cup each one with the balling tool.
  • Apply Water and attach them to the centre.
  • Do the same for the last layer and squeeze in the bottom to ensure all the petals are attached.
  • Cut off the bottom tail and place the succulent on the table. Use your fingers to open up and rearrange the petals. To add some colour you can dust the edges with some plum petal dust.

Modelling Chocolate Recipe (adapted from Mike McCary’s Craftsy Class)

  • 1kg white chocolate (I find compound chocolate works best)
  • 230ml of light corn syrup
  • Warm up the corn syrup (about 30-40 secs in the microwave).
  • In a separate bowl melt the chocolate (heat in 30sec bursts) and then add your colour. For the succulents I used an avocado, brown and electric green gel paste.
  • Once you get the colour you want, pour in the corn syrup and mix it in with a spatula. Work quickly as it gets firm fast.
  • When everything is combined, turn the modelling chocolate out onto some cling wrap and wrap tightly. Allow it to set overnight before using. If you find it’s a little hard the next day, you can microwave it slightly before using.

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