Mini Madness – Craftsy Review

Is it just me or is everything much sweeter when it’s in miniature? I love tiny replicas of just about anything… especially when it’s miniature desserts! So when I came across Craftsy’s Tiny Cupcake Toppers class with Sheryl BITO I just couldn’t go past it, I had to enrol right away!

Shreyl BITO
Sheryl BITO, from Buns in the Oven Cupcakery

In this miniature online course Sheryl focuses on recreating five mini desserts using fondant, including macarons and the popular favourite ombre layer cake. The Tiny Cupcake Toppers class gives you a foundation on not only creating petite desserts but also cutlery and cake stands.

Tiny Cupcake Toppers
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When you see things in everyday life, I think some of the smaller details are overlooked, but Sheryl stresses the importance of taking notice of these diminutive particulars for a more realistic final product. I know I have definitely started paying more attention to the smaller things in life, I actually now study my macarons and desserts prior to devouring them.


Dessert overload

Sheryl is a fantastic teacher and covers every aspect of her class in depth. Throughout the course I have had a few questions about certain things and she has always been quick to answer all of them, which is lovely because it really takes the guesswork out of your project when you get stuck!

Taking this class has got my imaginative juices flowing, I can already see an array of projects that these techniques could be applied to- they can be used for so much more than just cupcake toppers. Imagine a cake with a tea party “Alice in Wonderland” style with a cute little gumpaste table and chairs, bursting with delightful little cake stands and treats.

Tea Party Table


Cookies and Sweets

For now though I have only had time to create two little toppers, to give you an idea of how tiny they are check out these photos.

Mini macarons

Mini macaronsTada! My very first mini layered coconut cake complete with plate and minuscule server.

Mini cake

As well as some mini macaroons on my petite pint-sized stand and I’m thrilled with the results (although I will be the first to admit there’s room for improvement).

Mini macarons

I recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn techniques that will teach you how to create anything pocket sized. These skills are fantastic to add to your cake decorating repertoire. Once you take this course Sheryl will captivate you and draw you into the miniature realm – but be careful you may not want to return to the life sized world – I know I didn’t!

Cupcakes with mini toppers
The finished cupcakes

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Real and tiny cake
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