Marie the Cat Mini Tutorial

Early last year a friend of mine asked me to make them a cake topper so that they could place it on top of a cake they were making for their auntie. Their auntie loved cats and so they asked me to make one of the cutest cats ever – Marie.

At that time I had just gotten my Sugar Shapers and so I was keen to try it out. They turned out to be awesome and so easy to work with. Since then I have used it on a bunch of other projects but Marie was the first project that I really got to experience the shapers with. Of course, if you don’t have the shapers, you can get your own set from Innovative Sugarworks and if you use the code ‘WEELOVEBAKING’ you will get 10% off.

You can also use other similar tools too (whatever works!). I believe in investing in tools that will make your life easier but at the same time I also believe in making do with what you have if you need to 🙂


I used gum paste for the entire topper since it was almost 5.5 inches tall when finished. Below are some brief instructions and tips on how I created Marie. If you are interested in more detailed instructions and pictures of some other cake decorating techniques, you can purchase my downloadable PDF tutorials in my online store here. All of them include troubleshooting advice, and recipes and/or templates are also included where applicable.


  • Start with the body and roll it into a bean shape. Elongate one side to create the body. Use the shaper to mark out the thigh area.
  • Rest the front of the body against a piece of styrofoam and allow it to set. It’s best if you can allow 24-48 hours for this part. The more time it has to set, the more stable the figurine will be.
  • Add her little back paws.
  • Trim off the top of the body so that it is at a very slight angle. This will make it easier to place her head on later. Then attach a collar, add her front paws and tail.
  • Roll out some gum paste to create her chest hair. Use small nail scissors to trim to size and then snip along the edges to create a fur effect.
  • Attach it to the front of her chest.


  • Create an almond shape for the head.
  • Use the shaper to roll inwards from one side so it helps to form the mouth area.
  • With the shaper, mark the nose line and the cheek area.
  • Then use the rounded shaper to press in to create the mouth and eye sockets.
  • With the pointed end of the shaper, press it into the corner of the eye sockets to create almond shaped eyes.
  • For the ears, roll a teardrop shape and flatten it. Then use the pointed shaper tool to press into the middle and roll outwards on both sides to make a cavity. Fill it with a small thin piece of pink gum paste.


  • Attach the ears, a small triangle shape for the nose and fill in the eye sockets with a small amount of white gum paste.
  • Roll out a very thin piece of black fondant and cut out two very small circles for the eye balls. I used a piping tip for this. Then roll a very thin and tapered rope for the eye liner.
  • Use a knife to cut along the edge of the eyeliner to create the eyelashes.
  • Insert a small amount of pink gum paste into the mouth and use the pointed shaper to indent the tongue.
  • Insert a toothpick into the body and place the head on top carefully.


  • For the bow, cut out two rectangles and taper one side on each of them. Mark two lines and scrunch that edge together to form one side of the bow. Cut a long thin rectangle and fold in the long edges to form the middle of the bow.
  • Attach the pieces together and allow it to dry slightly.
  • Cover a 5 inch cake board with pink gum paste (I used a board so that they can remove it from the cake easily to keep the topper). Then use a smaller circle cutter to cut out a circle in the middle and replace it with a lighter pink circle.
  • Use another smaller cutter to cut out a circle in the middle and replace it with the original pink circle. Cut off the excess gum paste around the board.
  • Then use a stiff bristled brush to press against the gum paste to texture it.
  • Place Marie on and then you are finished!


I am not usually a cat person but now I want a cat that looks just like her 🙂

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