Lost and Found – A Cake and Story

Quite a while ago stumbled upon a picture that I just fell in love with. I put it aside and wanted to use it as inspiration one day. Things got busy and I never got a chance until I got an email from Shannon from Little Flamingo who told me she was having a Lost and Found themed party and attached the exact same picture. I can not tell you how excited I was about this order and the idea of getting to turn these cute little guys into sugar 🙂


I discovered Lost and Found was actually a book and there was also a short animation which I watched prior to making the cake. For research of course! It’s a beautiful, cute and sweet story and if you ever get a chance to read or watch it, please do. I watched it twice!


The water colour effect was done to match Tahlia’s invite. Thank you to Joanne from Simple Ingredients for helping me with this part 🙂


The making of the umbrella was the trickiest part… I wanted it to stand up but still be curved along the edges. In the end I found a bowl in the kitchen that was the perfect size for the cake so I used that to set the gum paste. I cut out the scallops using a template and then put a layer of coloured fondant over the outside and inside. Then the little figurines had a home to sit in 🙂


I was so happy and touched to hear from Shannon when she told me that Tahlia loved the topper so much she reads with them and also kisses them good night before bed. So sweet! And it really reminded me why I do love doing orders for kids. Moments like these are so rewarding 🙂



Tahlia’s dessert table by Shannon at Little Flamingo
Close up of the cute guys!

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found – A Cake and Story

  1. What a simple and beautiful cake! I haven’t heard of this before but now I want to look it up. I always love your cakes, thanks for sharing 🙂

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