Let me tell you about ‘Asian Love’

When I first started out in this whole cake decorating journey, some of my well intentioned family members thought that they’d be helpful by giving me lots of advice and feedback on my cakes.

“Why is that cake slanted?”

“What colour is that?!”

“Do you know that there is a crack right there?”

“There is too much chocolate in this”

This my friends, in case you were not familiar with it, is ‘Asian Love’ aka tough love. I love you which is why I am ‘honest’ with you so you can be ‘better’.

I guess some people thrive on that and comments like those only motivate them to do better and be better. And I am like that to some degree… (my mom never thought I’d make any money by being a cake maker. And she made that very clear to me any chance she got.) but when I am already feeling crappy, comments like that are pretty much pouring salt into very infected wounds. It hurts and it sucks. When you are starting out, you already have confidence problems and here are the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally and they are happily pointing out everything that is wrong with your cake? Who does that?!

My Asian Family 🙂

Over the years, I’ve learnt to grow some thicker skin and an immune system to the Asian style of love.

When I started teach cake decorating I decided that, that was not the kind of ‘love’ I wanted to give my students. I wanted them to understand that it’s OK to make mistakes, that I would be there to give constructive feedback and help them if they needed it, that the techniques I teach will give them the confidence to be a better decorator and that they are never allowed to talk negatively about themselves. I teach each of my classes and set up my online tutorials with one thing in mind – to help you be the best decorator you can be.

I’m not going to force you to roll, stand or sit a certain way nor am I going to point out all your mistakes without any constructive feedback to help. Because, what is that going to achieve other than making you feel bad? And when you are in a rubbish mood, how are you supposed to learn anything?

Instead, I offer advice, tips and my own personal learning experiences so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes I made. When you come to a class or download a tutorial from me – I’ve made all the errors so you don’t have to and I’ve worked out the most efficient ways to do things so you don’t have to. So you get to learn with peace of mind knowing that you will get results.

I want to give you all the tools and information to succeed, set you up, and then watch you fly at your own speed. I promise you, it’s not a competition.

My students and their cakes in Launceston, Tasmania.

This is why with my online tutorials, I’ve introduced The Sharon Wee Promise, and you can read more about it below.

What is The Sharon Wee Promise?

Tried and tested methods – We only teach techniques and methods we have personally tried and use. Our goal is keep trying until we find the easiest and most efficient way of achieving amazing results so that when you download our tutorials, you know that they will work and give great results every time.

It’s all in the details – We keep all our tutorials detailed enough so you can learn at your own pace and every single step has an accompanying photo.

Real world experience – Sharon has had years of experience creating cakes for sale as well as teaching students from all around the world. So she knows how important it is to work efficiently (the quicker you work the more profitable your projects are and the more time you have for your family!), what can go wrong, she can predict any common mistakes and covers all the tips and solutions in her tutorials.

We are here for you – If you ever experience concerns or questions with our tutorials please let us know. We’d love you help you troubleshoot! We stand behind our tutorials and we want nothing more than for you to succeed 🙂

My very first human sugar figurines in 2008 😀

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