Let me tell you a secret: A 6 part blog series

Around this time each year, I like to take the opportunity to reflect and remind myself just how far I have travelled in this cake journey.

June 2009
January 2012

This year (2016) is the 6th year I have been in business full time. On the 1st of July 6 years ago (2010) I walked out of my corporate marketing job and said goodbye to a full time salary. Was it the smartest thing to do? Perhaps not. But I was determined to make it work.

A lot has happened in the 6 years – ups and downs and lefts and rights…. But through it all, I still survived. On the outside, it looks like I’ve got it all worked out… things come easy and opportunities just come my way – but the truth? It’s because I make it seem like that. I talk about hard times but I don’t complain or wallow (to you guys anyways!) because how unprofessional or depressing would that be!


This blog has always been about my life behind Sharon Wee Creations as well as the journey and progress of my business. So this year, as part of my reflection, I want to share with you some of the truths, myths and realities of the last 6 years. Not that I have not been honest with you in the past, but this time, let’s go a little deeper.

So if you’re ready, you can continue reading Secret 1: Taking the Leap.

2016 :)
2016 🙂

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