It’s Time to get Kickstarted!

So in case you have not been around on Facebook and missed the announcement in the last couple of weeks… I’m in the process of self publishing a book.

It’s been stressful, busy and exciting at the same time and it’s also the main reason why this blog always drops down to the bottom of my priority list!

Anyways, to cut the long story short, I’m crowd funding the project through Kickstarter.

I can’t even began to describe the amount of support I have gotten for this project from strangers, friends and family since I announced it. Especially from those who are my industry peers and from those who I look up to, it’s been so touching!

It’s been quite a journey! When I decided I wanted to do this book last year, I knew that I would be taking a gamble. To invest my personal time and money to produce a book which might turn out to be total rubbish or that no one was interested in was always at the back of my mind. There were many moments of doubt and because I am doing all this by myself, there was no one there (from a publishing standpoint) to tell me if I was in fact heading towards the right direction. Luckily with the support of some amazing friends and one amazing partner, I’m almost there.

So if you have not seen my project, head to Kickstarter, watch the video and help me spread the word! There is less than 70 hours left and I have also included some extra goals to entice you 🙂

One thought on “It’s Time to get Kickstarted!

  1. Well darn it I missed your Kickstarter campaign completely! I’ve taken both of your Craftsy class and am a huge fan – so best of luck on the book! I’ll certainly be snapping up a copy as soon as it’s available!


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