Introducing the Sharon Wee collaborative colour collection

Hand-painted wisteria cake
Hand-painted wisteria cake

Guess what you guys? I am super excited to announce that I have collaborated with Sweet Sticks to come up with my own colour collection of Edible Art Paints!

When I created the wisteria cake last year, I had to mix all the colours from a range of Edible Art Paints. So when I got this opportunity I knew right away the colours I needed and wanted to share with you.

I’m happy to present you with the Edible Art Paint and Sharon Wee collaborative colour collection – Deep Pink, Leaf Green and Purple!

My very own paints!

These paints are now available through my online store. We ship world wide too 🙂 Want to know more about what makes these paints special? Read on below…

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Edible Art Paints?

They are a range of edible food colouring that has been specially formulated for painting on fondant, buttercream, royal icing, chocolate and more. What makes them super special is that they paint on solidly when used directly from the bottle, but add some alcohol to it and it magically turns into water colour paints! And best of all? They are quick drying which means no more waiting for bits to dry before painting over them or touching it!

Do you use Edible Art Paints?

Yes I do! I’ve used them for over a year on countless projects and have found them such a joy to use. Lots of other decorators also feel the same. All you need to do is search #edibleartpaint to see hundreds of projects featuring these awesome paints.

Where can I buy them?

You can purchase Edible Art Paints directly through their website, my online store or through selected cake decorating retailers world wide. Please refer or contact Edible Art Paints for more details.

Are you just saying nice things because you are getting paid to?

Full disclosure here. Of course, I am getting paid to be a part of this collaborative project. But if you don’t know me well enough let me tell you how I decide who to work with. I promise you that I would not endorse a project I didn’t love or was not 100% happy with. There have been many projects/products that did not make the cut, so no, I don’t just say nice things because I get them for free or get paid. Part of the relationship I want to have with you guys is honesty, hence, I won’t ever pretend to ever love something I actually don’t.

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