In need of a drink – Grey Goose Cake


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me and a few major decisions have been made and although mixed with nervousness, fear and uncertainty, excitement is now starting to set in.
Very soon I’ll be flying my designer cake flag up high, but more on that when the time is near 😉
This week has been a real cake challange. A late request came through for a Grey Goose bottle shaped cake. ‘Yes I want the cake to be a real 3D bottle – standing up’ the lovely lady said. No issues there I thought…
Until I started doing the maths and ratios. For the number of servings she’d requested the cake was going to be approx 55cm tall. As I started carving and stacking the cakes, fear and panic started to settle in. The cake was going to be really tall and skinny and was all just being held in place by a center pole AND to top it all off it was wobbling and not straight.
Thanks to the ganache, everything eventually evened itself out and once all the cake settled in place it stopped wobbling. I knew the cake had enough support but I was still so worried about it because of its height and width.



The finished cake, all details were hand painted.
Nervousness started creeping in when I realised that this cake was really heavy and I would have to drive it to the venue at night in the city. My original plan was to walk this cake to the venue since I only live a couple of blocks away, but the boyfriend pointed out – big cake + busy Sydney traffic + drunk people on the streets = Disaster. Oops, I guess I didn’t think that through very well.



A really big thank you to the super nice guys at the Rhodes Shopping Centre liquor shop who allowed me to take heaps of photos of their Grey Goose bottle for this cake.
Thank goodness for the boyfriend and my cousin who came along to help ‘babysit’ the cake in the car and we found a parking spot right in front of the venue. We all (cake included) all got there ok and as we arrived home, it starting raining. Thank you cake gods!



To illustrate how tall this cake was.

11 thoughts on “In need of a drink – Grey Goose Cake

  1. Thank you Roxan! I tried to make the goose part of the bottle shiny since that part is not frosted but you can’t really tell in the photos. I wish I could have seen their faces too, but no one was there when I delivered it. :/

    Sarah – Thanks! There is a center dowel to ‘hold’ everything in place but there are also 4 layers of cakes inside with smaller dowels in place to support the weight of the while cake.

    Thank you Phuoc, you are always so supportive 🙂

    Faithy, thanks, I really enjoying painting all the details on. It really reminded me of the days in art class 🙂

  2. Well done, Sharon – what an amazing cake!

    And I just read on twitter that you are offering new workshops, I’m tempted to sign up for the round and square cake covering workshop!

  3. Hi Sharon, That’s so incredible! I’ve been googling for tall cakes to learn how to cover them with fondant. But this is crazily tall !! You’re just as amazing as ur cake, Sharon 🙂

    So, can I ask… how do you cover tall cakes with fondant (especially with those super-smooth finish)?

    Or at least could you please suggest the sources where I can look for some tutorials? Coz I’ve been spending plenty of time searching for them but couldn’t find out 🙁


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