Hitting the Ground Running…

Happy New Year everyone! I know my wishes my come a little late but since I’ve been back from Singapore I’ve pretty much hit the ground running. My holiday was long forgotten the minute I got back from the air port and started ganaching cakes. But this cake (the first cake for 2011) was not just any cake, it was a wedding cake for my old high school friend who I’ve known since I was 13. Of course I was excited 🙂



The couple wanted an under the sea theme with sea shells and pearls.



The first two weeks of this new year was then spent meeting with lots of lovely future brides and grooms to brainstorm cake designs – I can’t wait for all of them to come up so I can share them with you guys 🙂
Then last week was figurine week for me. All the cakes I made had some sort of figurines on them. I love making figurines, it just makes the cakes so personalised.



 This wedding cake was for two dentists. I think these figurines are my all time favourite.



 Don’t forget to brush your teeth (or tooth)!
I must say I am really proud of this surfing cake below. This was made by my cousin, all by herself with me just giving her advice. She’s been helping me out casually for over 6 months now and I think she did an amazing job with this cake. Am I a good teacher or is she naturally talented? 😉








 For a man celebrating his 50th Birthday and who loves lawn bowls.

7 thoughts on “Hitting the Ground Running…

  1. LOVE it all Sharon! I love the personalised wedding cakes the most. The under the sea one is absolutely stunning! I hope you enjoyed your holiday, we’ll catch up soon when you have some time to breath. All the best for the new year!

  2. Hi just enquiring about male lawn bowler figurines pls so you sell them or make them I would appreciate your help with thanks

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