Hello and Thank You Dubai!

I know this post is a couple of weeks overdue. I had the best intentions to post it right after I landed but then the cake show and life in general just got in the way!

After a week spent in Dubai earlier this month I’m excited to be home. Dubai has been one of those places that I would never have visited if it was not for what I do. And I’m so glad I have this job because Dubai was a blast!

I learnt quickly that Dubai does not do things in halves… they either go big or they don’t go at all. It’s amazing to imagine that all those pictures that I’ve seen over the last couple of years online of the tallest building, biggest aquarium, palm shaped islands and ginormous malls, actually do exist and I got to see in real life. And they did not disappoint… Big, awe inspiring and busy were just some of the words I’d use to describe the whole experience.

Thank you to my host Fatima and her family for such a generous and warm welcome. And to the students who were all so sweet and fun. It was amazing to meet you all and get to spend the last couple of days with you.

I’m so humbled by your excitement towards the classes and your eagerness to learn. I can’t wait to be back soon!

8 thoughts on “Hello and Thank You Dubai!

  1. We loved having u in Dubai …and really enjoyed the workshop…thank u cakebox..fatima..for making this possible…..
    hoping to see you again…and all the best with ur book..cant wait to get my copy..����

  2. We loved having you in dubai…It was a great workshop..i learnt a lot….and a special thanks to cakebox..Fatima for organizing this amazin workshop.
    Wish u all the best..cant wait to have my copy of ur book����

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