From Inspiration to Creation – A Superhero Themed Cake

One of the most common questions I hear after ‘how much do I charge?’ is ‘how do you come up with your ideas?’

Truth be told, in the beginning I had no idea. I used to just see something that appealed to me and then think ‘hey, I should make a cake like that.” There really was not much of a process behind it.

But as I started to do more cakes I realised there was some sort of structure that went behind the creation of a new design. Usually, I see something that sparks my creativity and then I start researching other elements that can match the design then I put it all together. Sometimes I have a clear idea from the beginning sometimes I don’t and end up making it up as I go along.

So I decided to start this Inspiration to Creation project so that everyone who was interested could really get an insight (hopefully) into how I get inspired up until the creation of the design.

The project started with people throwing out some ideas. This stage would be similar to a client coming by and giving you a brief. Except I was lucky enough to pick and choose the ideas to start researching.

So based off all the suggested themes I started looking for pictures which I pinned on to a dedicated Pintrest board – Inspiration to Creation Event. I chose pictures that appealed to me – for the colours, cuteness, actions, textures or patterns. I think you can sort of see from that board the style that I am usually attracted to. While pinning and looking for pictures I started to get an idea of what I really liked and really wanted to have on the cake.
I decided about half way through the pinning process that I really wanted to do a superhero theme since I have never done one before. So I then started researching more into that topic at the same time keeping in mind those other pictures I liked and wondering how I could incorporate them. I knew from the beginning I did not want to do anything that was copyright, which was a little hard. All the superhero type primary colours all seem to be taken and very recognisable if I used them – red and blue? Taken. Red and green? Taken. Yellow and blue? Yep. Black and yellow? Yep again.
So I had to keep thinking… I also noticed that the superheros were all mostly men so I thought I should create a female version. It was about this time I came across the following picture:

I just love the picture. I can’t really tell you why. Maybe it’s the textured background or the cute font or even the rainbow colours. But I know that it really appealed to me and I wanted to use something from it on the cake. So while discussing with the boyfriend what powers my female superhero should have I thought she could go around the world spreading rainbows. But then it occurred to me that rainbows usually happen after the rain as the sun starts to come out again. So then the idea for my superhero to bring sunshine to a rainy day came up. And it was perfect, because she could hold an umbrella too! Why? So she could fly around the world! Just like the picture 🙂

From there her costume was designed. I wanted her to look bright and cheerful which is why I choose white and yellow. And no superhero is complete without some sparkle… so hence the silver shoes and belt.
Around this time when I was researching a yellow palette to see what other colours to put on my cake, I came across this picture:

Too cute! I had to have bees on my cake too! So I thought she should have a sidekick. But a bee would have been too small… so then what? As a side note. I love bears – so much that my bunny is named bear. Yes, I am a little strange I know 🙂 So that’s how the sidekick bear in the bee suit was born.
I then started to draw up some sketches and work out the design for each tier. I’ve actually had the below picture in mind for awhile and thought it was so cool with all the different layers. So I thought this was the perfect project to try it on. This was how the design for the middle tier was born – 

From this stage I started putting together a final creation board. I moved all the pictures I needed in there as well as collected more topic specific pictures – Inspiration to Creation Final Board.In that board you will also see all the different building skylines I collected …etc
And then… the sketch starts to come together…

Finally the templates are made and the cake process begins…

More progress pictures can be found on Facebook and

Instagram. Finally… last Thursday at about midnight, it was finished and ready for the Q and A session 🙂 For all the Q and A details, you can check it out here on

And now… the final exciting surprise – the city skyline lights up 🙂

When the lights are off 🙂 The lights were a row of string lights added on behind the buildings. This idea is courtesy of my talented friend Mayen from
Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen.

Thank you guys for joining me on this journey and I hope you had as much fun as I did and maybe picked up a few tricks along the way too 🙂

3 thoughts on “From Inspiration to Creation – A Superhero Themed Cake

  1. awesome, thx for sharing! how long in advance do you normally prepare some of the decoration?? is there a way that we can prepare few days in advance but its still soft enough to hug the cake nicely when being attach? eg. the buildings on second tier. (not stiff dry and cant be attach to the cake snuggly.).

  2. Cherrykidz – If I need them to be stiff I usually prepare them 2 or 3 days in advance, sometimes more. For the buildings I didn’t want them to be soft or else they won’t stand up plus, there was a gap between the tier and the buildings. Hope that helps 🙂

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