For the Love of Chocolate

In my semi short lifetime on this planet I have only met a handful of people who don’t like chocolate. 

Till this day I am still amazed when people say they don’t like chocolate. Well, because I love it. I absolutely love chocolate! Which is dangerous in my line of work. They are always around and if I am just craving chocolate I don’t have to walk more than 2 steps before I have access to about 15 kilos of it.

Last week I travelled to

Savour School in Melbourne to learn all about how to make artisen chocolates. I have always wanted to attend a class at Savour and if I lived in Melbourne I think I would be there all the time. 

I was so excited about the class. So much that I didn’t mind that I had to wake up at 4am in the morning to catch a taxi to the airport. And that upon landing in Melbourne the school was still a bus and a train ride away. It was freezing and I was exhausted but nothing could dampen my spirits as I entered the school doors. Yippie!

The class was amazing and there is nothing like it in Sydney. They not only explained the science behind tempering chocolate and chocolate production but they also explained they different ways of achieving the same results at home with existing equipment too. Oh it was so much fun 🙂

When I got home my taste testers (aka the boyfriend and brother) managed to scoff down 3 each in less than 10 minutes. Obviously they were all good but everyone agreed that the hazelnut praline with feuilletine and coco nibs were the best by far.

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