Fondant Cabbage Mini Tutorial

Back in May this year, I made a Peter Rabbit themed dessert table for my nephew, Lucas’ first birthday. You may remember my cousin did a guest post on how to make some quick and custom cake boards to match the dessert table. You can view the inspiration and tutorial post here.

Peter Rabbit Dessert Table
Peter Rabbit Dessert Table Layout

As part of the dessert table, my cousin wanted to have diggable cupcake toppers. Basically, she was going to have a patch of dirt (aka cookie crumbs) and place all the cupcake toppers in there. Then guests will dig around and scoop it on top of their cupcakes.

Mini Set Up
Mini Set Up of the Diggable Toppers

So I ended up making lots of little cabbages… and while making them I decided to take some step by step photos to share with you all. This cabbage mini tutorial first appeared in my newsletter a couple of months ago. If you are part of the newsletter, you are the first to know and see these tutorials. Kind of like an inner cake circle 🙂 So if you are super keen not to miss out on anything, you can join the newsletter here.

Dig Your Own Cupcake Topper
At the Party – Dig Your Own Cupcake Topper

Fondant Cabbage Tutorial

Mini Fondant Cabbage Tutorial
Mini Fondant Cabbage Tutorial
  • Roll out various sized light green fondant balls. Press them against a hydrangea veiner to mark them.
  • Use a five petal blossom cutter to cut out one layer of light green fondant.
  • Place the edge of the petals in the veiner and roughly press against the edge of the petals to mark and thin them.
  • Apply water to the petals and place the fondant ball in the middle of the petals.
  • Bring the petals up the side.
  • For the second layer, colour it slightly darker, then cut out the same sized petal. Use a balling tool to thin and stretch the edges so it becomes bigger. Then use the veiner to press along the edge of the petals to mark them.
  • Apply water to the petals and place the previous layer in the middle and wrap the petals like before.
  • Repeat the same process for the third layer and make sure this layer is also coloured slightly darker.

7 thoughts on “Fondant Cabbage Mini Tutorial

  1. Hello Sharon I would just like to ask do u know where i can buy real food molds for vita feeding of adults in age care

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Where did you purchase the five petal blossom cutter and hydrangea veiner from to make the cabbages? Do you sell these tools for making the cabbages? Thanks

    1. Hi Mel, there is no particular brand I just got them from a local cake decorating store. If you google ‘blossom veiner’ or ‘five petal rose cutter’ you should find many examples for sale online.

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