Flying Bunny Cupcake Topper from That Baking Girl

Hello everyone! Missing Easter already and need more bunnies? Looking for something super cute but actually really really easy to make? Look no further!


Aww, who wouldn’t want a little bunny waving a hello from a little hot air balloon? Right?

Here is what you will need :

  • CMC powder (or you can use gum paste instead of fondant)
  • Fondant in the colours of your choice
  • Pizza cutter
  • Edible ink pen
  • Basket weave rolling pin or something similar that gets you some texture
  • Regular fondant rolling pin
  • Skewers
  • Water with paintbrush
  • A cutter that gives you the general shape of the balloon, I used an ice cream cone cutter
  • Knife or palette knife

Let’s start! Don’t forget you can click on the pictures to see a larger version.


First, mix your CMC into all your coloured fondant (or skip this step if you’re using gum paste). Start by cutting your base. I used this ice cream cutter, then shaved off the pieces I didn’t need with a pizza cutter. Also cut the sides and bottom off.


Roll out your three chosen colours at the same time to ensure they have the same thickness. I rolled mine out to 1-2 mm.


Cut your middle section straight on each side, then also cut one side of the other coloured pieces. Stick them onto the white surface with a bit of water or edible glue.


Once they are on and connected to each other, use a finger to follow the line of the base – it will let you see where to cut the excess off easier!

Psst! This is pretty darn easy, right? OK, next!


Take your textured rolling pin and roll it onto your brown for the basket. You can then put it under your balloon and cut it down to size easily with a knife.


Now to the bunny – this is the toughest part, and by that I mean as tough as a cuddly toy. Roll out a ball of your bunny’s colour into a flat-ish teardrop shape. Take the end of your paintbrush and make an indentation. Take the second colour, make a smaller version of the teardrop and press it into the indentation, using your paintbrush once again.


For the arms, roll out two little teardrop shapes, and for the head roll out a ball and flatten it on your work board with the palm of your hand. Add a little dot of black fondant for a nose (stick it on with ever so little water, so little you can barely tell it’s there). See how the basket was just cut so it fits with the size of the balloon? It’s about 1.5cm x 1cm.


To make it all stand up, put a skewer over the back of your pieces once they are dry (mine dried pretty much as I was making them, as it is a small topper, and quite thin). Roll out some white and brown and glue them on with water over the skewer at the back. You can make it look perfect by cutting to match the exact proportions of your front pieces, or just enough to cover the sticks. Believe me, no one will look at the back. So don’t waste too much energy making it too perfect!


If you want, you can use the pen to add these little lines to make it look sewn together… that’s optional, to add a bit more detail. Add the heart at this step as well! Roll out a teardrop shape and then cut through the middle with your palette knife, like this:


That’s right, that easy.

Now put all of it together!


Draw on some eyes and a mouth with your edible ink pen once the face is hard enough. I stick the ears and arms on first so that the head hides the not so nice pieces! If you didn’t leave too much space between balloon and basket, the head will fit in perfectly to hide the skewer and stick to both bottom and top.



I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial! My suggestion: be super lazy, make one big cupcake with this cute topper, and then surround it with loads of mini cupcakes with beautiful pastel buttercream toppings. Everyone will love it, and you will not have to work like crazy… and that’s what we all want… to not go crazy! 🙂

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