Flowers in Chocolate

It’s been a long time since I have stepped outside my comfort zone. 

Last week I travelled to Melbourne to attend Savour’s Chocolate Flowers class. I’ve been wanting to do this class for the longest time but the dates never lined up for me – but last week it finally did!

So as you guys know, I decorate cakes. I make ganache with chocolate and spend my days making sugar flowers and figurines. But I don’t make chocolate flowers let alone super delicate chocolate showpieces. I’ve been interested in the art of chocolate for a long time and have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the professional pastry chefs who compete internationally and create these decadent works of art every year.

After attending the Level 1 Chocolate class last last year, I thought making the chocolate flowers would be a fun experience. What I was not expecting, was to be making a mini chocolate showpiece complete with four large chocolate flowers, leaves, twigs and cocoa butter air brushing. And to say the flowers were delicate is a major understatement. They were temperature sensitive and would break if you were too heavy handed or start melting if your hands were too warm.

This, together with some much larger showpieces, is what we were greeted with when we entered the class. 

I must admit, at this point I was actually wondering if I had walked into the wrong class. It looked daunting… but magically, once all the components were broken down into steps, everything felt much more achievable.

Look how shiny they are!

Chocolate twigs

Flower being assembled.

Flower after being airbrushed with cocoa butter.

Both days were so exhausting (we even had to take our lunch break in shifts on the second day) but incredibly rewarding when you see it all come together…

And as I stood in front of my mini showpiece at the end of the second day, I couldn’t help but reflect that less than 48 hours ago, I had serious doubts about being able creating a flower, let alone the whole thing. I guess this is how some of my students must feel. It’s been so long since I have done something with a medium outside my comfort zone that I kind of forgot that warm fuzzy feeling of surprise and satisfaction.

In case you are wondering, the showpiece didn’t really make it home to Sydney 🙁 Oh well, it just means I’ll have to make another one!

5 thoughts on “Flowers in Chocolate

  1. Omg so so good but seem it didn’t make it home .
    And you may have to make it again , maybe something to think about a small vid on YouTube lol you have me hooked
    Line and sinker . I wouldnt even know where to begin … Lol

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