Finishing off 2009 with a challenge

Hello 2010! I can’t believe it’s been a decade since I moved to Sydney and started living on my own. When I think of all the success and struggles that I’ve been through the last 10 years, I’m a bit excited and nervous to see where the next 10 years will take me.

Because I’m always up for a challenge, I decided to finish off 2009 with a nice tall one….

For those of you that watch Masterchef here in Australia, yes this is the chocolate swirled croquembouche (you can watch the episode online and get the recipe here).

This baby croquembouche was our new years eve dessert and since it was only me, the boyfriend and and another friend who was planning to eat this, we divided the recipe by 1/3. There was still heaps and it was supposed to feed 4?! (the original recipe says it serves 12) I think it could have fed 10 people easily.



Time to attack the croquembouche!

I can’t take all the credit on this one, the boyfriend made all the custard fillings and helped with everything else. Overall, although it was slightly messy because I had to assemble it free hand and without the special cone, it was still yummy 🙂 The pastry was slightly soft, the custard deliciously creamy and the toffee deep brown and crunchy. Was it worth all the effort? Maybe 😉 Perhaps not for an everyday dessert but more for special occasions. You’ll need lots of people around to help you finish it!


5 thoughts on “Finishing off 2009 with a challenge

  1. Congrats! Yours looks absolutely amazing, I am very envious. Your end product looks very neat and professional. I just hope you didn’t burn your fingers like they did on Masterchef.

  2. Thanks Trix, the funny thing is that I didn’t burn my fingers on the toffee like they did on the show, but I did burn my fingers on the side of the pot by simply being careless!

    Thank you Jennifer, it was yummy! and surprisingly not too sweet either 🙂

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