Exciting News!

I know I might be announcing this a little too early seeing as it’s not even May yet, but I am so excited and could not wait to share. I have recently found my 2010 calendar selling at calendar.com!



The front of the desk calendar with a little note pad!



The back…


My publisher put it together last year and has just recently started selling it to their buyers, so I thought it would be awhile before I actually saw it being sold… but it’s already online 🙂 yay! Each month has a different picture and a recipe by me. I can’t wait to get an actual copy so I can see what the whole thing looks like.

On to other cake news… a couple of weeks ago, I put together a little mini dummy wedding cake for my cousin so that she would get an idea of what her cake will look like on the big day and how well the colours go together. Her actual cake will have 4 layers, the middle layer will be replicated twice but the pink and greens will be swapped. My cousin designed this herself 🙂 Let me know what you think!



Close up of the roses…

I brought the top layer back to Singapore with me and it survived the plane ride and temperature changes… When we got to Singapore, I left it uncovered for a few days and it all seemed fine. I was so happy that it survived the humid and hot Singapore weather!

But I celebrated too soon! When I got back from my holidays, I found there were little holes in the rolled icing and flowers! Like something had come along and nibbled it 🙁 Think of a leaf eaten by a caterpillar and that is what the roses looked like. I know nothing ate it, so I’m still trying to work out where it all went wrong 🙁 Maybe it’s the way the humidity condensed in some areas? Maybe next time I will just have to leave it in a air con room 24/7. I was really pushing my luck by leaving it outside.

6 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. What a beautiful cake! I adore the middle section with the tiny roses! I can’t wait to see the final cake, I can tell it is going to be STUNNING! You are very talented! 🙂

  2. apparentlyjessy – thank you, that is so nice of you 🙂 The middle bit with the roses was my cousin’s favourite too!

    Novia and FFichibani – the calendar is available online at calendar.com… I’m not too sure who will be stocking it in Australia yet. My publisher said Target… But I’ll know closer to the end of the year.

  3. Congrats on your calendar – I’ll check it out when it hits the shops:)

    I like the colours that were chosen for the cake and the pink section with the roses and pipping is very very pretty.

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