Do you Believe in Fate?

Do you believe in fate? I’m not really referring to a religious belief in fate (ie. god has set this path for me…etc) but more just an universal ‘everything happens for a reason’.


When I think back about how I got into cake decorating I believe it was an alignment of so many things. I’ve always loved sweet stuff when I was younger but I never even knew that sugar art was something people did for a living. After I finished uni, I started my first office job and I was absolutely miserable. The uni student lifestyle of waking up at noon and hanging out with my friends during the day was replaced with a 9 – 5 semi interesting job with a horrible boss. It was the horrible boss that made the job unbearable and caused me to look for a hobby to keep my life interesting. When I stumbled upon a community college class near me that held cake decorating classes in the evenings I thought it sounded fun… so why not?

One of my very first cakes

The rest was kind of history as they say… except not really. In the first few years I learned a lot of things by myself with the help of the internet. Back then there were not as many you tube clips or blogs or even classes on sugar art so I had to rely a lot on trial and error. And believe me, there were quite a few errors! But hey, that’s how you learn. I find someone can tell you not to do something but you really won’t remember/ believe them until you do it and something terrible happens. I promise you, you will learn quickly NEVER to do it again!

I eventually found another job which I was so happy in, so cakes and sugar art just stayed on as a hobby. Then as things in the company changed and I started to get frustrated in a few things, I questioned if I should be doing something else with my life. 

My friends around me all thought my cakes were awesome (they were so sweet and encouraging. I promise you, my cakes back then were quite far from awesome! See exhibit A above) and kept telling me I should sell them. So I decided to start a little business on the side and only sold my cakes to friends.

I really enjoyed it and started to dream of one day being able to just make cakes for a living. Of course, back then I was charging barely enough to cover my costs but that is a story for another day 🙂 I didn’t have much of an idea of what my business would be like but I knew I wanted to make awesome cakes and make people happy. But where was I going to get money to live especially if as mentioned above, I was only covering my costs? So then I decided to give myself a forced deadline and started looking for 12 month contract jobs.

The idea was that I would get a contract job and then have the next 12 months to build up my business to a stage where I could actually make a living and be able to forgo a full time income. I figured that with that kind of deadline, it would really push me to make it work or else I was out of a job regardless. I landed a 14 month contract job and took that as a sign that I was heading in the right direction.

I worked full time and spent all my evenings and weekends working on my cake business. Towards the end of the contract, I was exhausted but was pretty confident I could at least survive without a full time job (Survive being the key word here).

Then something happened. I don’t know if it was fate sending me a sign or maybe it was just testing me?

The lady who was supposed to come back into my role got pregnant again and therefore decide to resign. The role was now a permanent full time role and I was offered to stay on. I was so torn. I thought I was sure what I wanted but now that I have a choice am I a fool for turning away a permanent full time, decent paying job in a good company? Especially when the job market at that time was not great and people around me were getting made redundant/ were struggling to find a job.

I debated for a long time. And finally I decided to stay on thinking that I would let my business grow a bit more and give myself the freedom to leave when I was really ready. The next few months, my heart was really not in it and it really made it clear to me that cakes was what I wanted to do full time. And then, I’m not sure what really made me pull the plug and resign from my full time job. I think it was a combination of an inspiring visit to NASA during a holiday to the US and listening to a motivational speaker that ironically the company had hired to motivate our department. I decided then and there that I was going to do it! My light bu
lb moment 🙂

One of my recent cakes

So I resigned. And then proceeded to book myself into a series of classes to better sharpen my skills. The first work day after I resigned (aka my first day of unemployment) I was sitting in a cake class when I got a call from a recruitment agent. She wanted to know if I happened to be looking for work as she had a role that would suit me, in a company that I had been trying to get into for years.

My heart sank… was this another sign or another test? Fortunately, I truly believed that I owed myself to give my cakes a chance. I decided to see that phone call as a comforting sign. As a sign that if my business decides to go ‘kaboom’ I would still be able to find a job – and that everything will be ok.

So I pushed on… now, years later, I don’t regret a thing and hope that I will never have to return to corporate life.


However, let me clarify, despite what anyone may think, my days are not filled with sugar and fun nor do I roll around in a pile of money. I face different challenges some weeks are crazy busy (think 2am finishes) while other weeks are extremely quiet. Some clients are such a pleasure to deal with and really remind me of why I love what I do, while others require a little more TLC. Some days I may be making beautiful flowers while on others I am scrubbing down the toilets, sweeping or sorting out my pile of receipts. When you are dealing with creativity and feelings, it’s always an emotional roller coaster ride. But that’s just the way it is in this industry and I have come to accept and love all of it – for better or worse 🙂

12 thoughts on “Do you Believe in Fate?

  1. I am a believer in things happen for a reason. I think no matter where you work you’ll face challenges, the most important thing is that you do what you love. I still think your first cake looks pretty awesome. I really, really love that last cake, simple but so elegant!

    All the best Sharon. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for such an honest post and insight into the life of a cake decorator and a person who is brave enough to live her dream! I guess it’s not all about sugar and edible glitter but it’s the love for cake art that keeps us awake at 2am rolling fondant 🙂 Anything is possible with passion I say!

  3. awww…. i’m glad u listened to ur gut feeling 🙂 it has definitely gotten u to a very ‘sugary’ place but i totally understand how everyday is no sunshine…

    u have progressed soooo much & i’ve been inspired by u so much, Sharon 🙂 Keep up the amazing work 🙂


  4. Hi Sharon, Thank you for this inspiring entry 🙂 I’m also working full-time and baking/decorating as a sideline. I’m still in the dream zone wishing that someday I can do it full-time. Your SG classes (which I’ve attended) here were awesome! I really wish I can join your upcoming April class here 🙂 Maybe in the future you can conduct a class on how to setup and manage business like yours. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    you post totally resonated with me – I know exactly what you mean!! I’m going through the exact same journey in Taiwan.

    So many people want to ‘help’ me part time for free, and no one gets it when I reply that it aint no fun when there’s a deadline aka 4am nights.

    Love your work! And I hope my journey will be as successful as yours! ^^

  6. I do believe things happens for a reason too. Btw i was laughing when i read ‘nor do I roll in a pile of money’ haha.. wouldn’t it be great!! Thank you for sharing your journey in cake industry, Sharon.

  7. Just want to let you know that somewhere in this world, there is somebody who is a big fan of you, professionally (from your work) and personally (because I think you are a good person). And that I thank you very much for posting this. It’s a very personal thing to share, but I feel touched and feel encouraged at the same time too to chase my dream (even though I am really in doubt now, but reading your post give me the strength to keep moving on). If I can dream, I hope we can be friends. Thank you once again. Btw, I just bought your “elephant balloon” online tutorial =) Keep up the good work and keep being a kind-hearted sincere person! Somebody out there is really supporting you for all the thing that you do!

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and I am so lucky to have people like you who constantly comment and encourage me 🙂 I promise to keep making awesome cakes!

  9. Very inspiring post Sharon! Makes me wonder about me and my camera! Rachael and I have always loved your cakes- not only the creativity that you put into designing them, but, of course, the taste as well!

    Tim Kong

  10. Fantastic! It’s like you are pulling this directly from my heart and head and Life! hahahaha thank you so very much- I have also recently resigned my corporate job to pursue my cake busines full time and I am both terrifed and exhilarated all at the same time! Thank you for this post!

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