DIY Chocolate Covered Biscuit Sticks


I’ve been wanting to make my own chocolate covered biscuits for the longest time (also known in the Asian world as Pocky sticks) but I could never find a proper biscuit stick recipe.
Then last week, I wandered into a Korean grocery store and there they were! A pack of plain biscuit sticks… now I’m not sure exactly what they are made of because there was no English label but from the picture I’m guessing wheat is the main ingredient. 



They are yummy on their own but yesterday I dipped them into white chocolate and coated them with my own range of yummy toppings.



 White chocolate sticks from front to back: white sprinkles, chocolate flakes, hundreds and thousands and strawberry popping candy.
I made a few different versions and I imagine this would be great for dessert tables, party/ wedding favours or just to indulge in. You could easily colour the chocolate to suit your theme and at $1.70 for the pack, you can go crazy experimenting with different looks 🙂 Here’s how I did it:



Melt the chocolate over a pot of simmering/boiling water or you could microwave it. Here I used about 200g of white chocolate.



Place the chocolate into a deep and narrow cup and dip in the sticks.



Remove and use a skewer to help remove the excess chocolate



Place the sticks on baking paper and sprinkle with desired topping and leave to set.



Ta-da! The white chocolate did take a long time to set as it was a warm night but they did harden eventually 🙂
And since we’re on the topic of biscuits, here is a picture of some cute cookies I made last week for a christening which were designed to match the cake (I’m loving the little dinosaur!)…






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