Cute DIY Easter Bunny Treat Bags

Hello there! I’m Sam from The Bears Four and I’m so excited to be guest blogging for the amazing Sharon Wee! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my crafting, sewing and recipe adventures with you as part of Sharon’s guest blog series. 

Given that Easter is fast approaching (crazy right!) I thought I would start with a cute little Easter sewing craft that you can make as treat bags to give out to friends and family to say Happy Easter.
To make the Bunny Bags, first you need to gather your supplies:

  •      ½ metre of white felt (this will make roughly 7 bags)
  •      Embroidery thread –brown and light pink
  •      White yarn
  •      Bakers twine or ribbon
  •      Blush
  •      Blush brush
  •      Lollies
  •      Sewing machine
  •      Print template (download template here)

Step 1: Using the template provided cut out two felt bunny heads per bag. 

Step 2: Using a pencil or fabric pencil, lightly mark where you want your bunny’s eyes and nose to go. Then using your embroidery thread, embroider the eyes and nose onto one felt bunny head. 

Step 3: Make a pom pom using your white yarn and sew the pom pom onto the centre bottom of the other piece of felt (not the one you just embroider on). If you’re not sure how to make a pom pom, here is a quick picture tutorial. 

Once you’ve sewn your pom pom on, it should look like this.

Step 4: Next pin your two felt pieces together (wrong sides together).

Step 5: Now sew around the edge, but make sure to leave the section between the bunny ears unsewn, as this is where you fill the bag with lollies.

Step 6: Lightly brush blush onto your bunny’s cheeks.

Step 7: Fill your bunny bag with lollies and tie it closed with bakers twine.

Voilà! An adorable treat bag for Easter!

A bit about Sam… I’m a homemaker with two sweet and active kiddies. When they aren’t keeping me busy, I’m at uni studying part time to become a midwife. My other half is studying medicine so it’s basically a nonstop study session around our place once the kids are asleep. When not writing papers or studying for exams, I like to spend my time working on crafts, sewing and cooking projects to do with or for the kids. You can view more kid friendly project and yummy recipes on my blog – The Bears Four.

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